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HFW Day 4 ~ Destination

Salam. I've always wanted to go to Venice for a vacation.

I would now indulge in the utmost day-dreaming ever, that how would I dress up and down while I'm in Venice. For a start, let's have a preview as to how would I look before leaving to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), shall we? ^_^

The Italians are born fashionistas, last time I checked. Not to be too left-out in the crowd, hopefully these would help: Off-white double-breasted long cardigan ~ Ti:zed Ladies.  Lime green long maxi dress ~ Jalan Masjid India, KL.  Floral printed hijab ~ Jalan Masjid India, KL. Off-White handbag ~ Esfolar. Sandals ~ Sembonia. 

Well, those would only be the hand-luggage(s), of course.

That's it. I don't normally wear any accessories on board, especially during long hour flights. 
 Hurmm.. I hate to wake up but thanks anyway for dropping by. LOL.
xx, TPJ.
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HFW Day 3 ~ Time Travel

Salam. The theme for Hijabi Fashion Week today (Day 3) is Time Travel. I decided to share my late father's special gift to me, which he'd been keeping since he was in his teens:   Terengganu Songket (hand-woven textile).

I made it into an A-Shape long skirt about 10 years ago, after just folding the fabric ever so lovingly donkey years beforehand.

I paired the green songket skirt with red blouse and rainbow chiffon hijab. And some matching accessories.

He was all smiles the first time he saw me wore the skirt, and every other time that followed.
Well, I hope you guys like what you see and smile too.. Thanks for dropping by. xx, TPJ.
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HFW Day 2 ~ Favorite Hijab

Salam. Today's Theme is to create a look inspired by the participants' favorite hijabs.
Introducing Miss Pinky, everybody. I've got so many pink hijabs but nothing is quite the same with Miss Pinky. The material is super soft and the color is melting in the eyes, with a touch of leaf green and off-white.

I combined it with a leaf green inner hijab, dark green T-shirt and green-white huge dots printed maxi skirt. The long pink cardigan and the matching pink handbag completed the ensemble.

The accessories were also a combination of pink and green, actually.

A bit tricky to wear Miss Pinky without looking quite dull and pale.

So, gotta play with some colors rather smartly.
Hope you like what you see.
Thanks for dropping by.

xx, TPJ.
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HFW Day 1 ~ Hijabi Leader

Salam. It's my 1st time ever joining Hijabi Fashion Week. 
The theme for this year's 1st day is Leaders in Hijab. My routine is somewhat boring, clad in monotone colors most of the time. But there are times when I can really spark some colors as well, like this:

A little close-up 

Grey long blazer and matching skirt are somehow looking bright with: Two-tone lilac-purple chiffon hijab
                                                                   Peach-Orange blouse
Sarawak ethnic black-yellow necklace Purple (Esfolar) handbag
Brown blocked color (Clarks) shoes  

Gotta have mood to make research, you see. And a lady feels good when she looks good. Or feels that she's looking good. Gotta work it out, one way or another.

Just another day at work, but with a splash of colors.
Thanks for dropping by.

xx, TPJ.

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Nightie Make-Over on Sunday

Salam. How was your weekend, you guys? Ever thought of going out in your nighties, anyone?  I intentionally, pre-meditated to the core did just that. Guilty from the start alright. I saw several nice nighties on sale last week when I went to grab some bread for mom.  I took home two pieces (apart from the bread) and actually wanna go again tomorrow for another two. If they are still available, of course. Owh, I hope they are. Please...

I wore one of them today for a family outing. Layered it with a plain white long sleeves t-shirt. And paired it with my favorite white pants.

The red-green combo Pashmina was meant to spice things up a bit. Together with that cute pinkish red sling handbag of mine. And to complete my Casual Sunday look: the grey shoes for walking (in a sense of comfy, I mean) I got from Factory Outlet in KL Sentral.

Finally I had the chance to watch The Avengers. What a yesterday news!  But I had a great laugh it worth the wait. 

Owh, please don't look at me like that, Thor.. …

Red Loves Yellow

Salam. How are you guys doing? I've been quite busy lately. Especially now that payday is just around the corner, so much yet to be settled. Being a juggler like most of women today, that spells hectic to me.
Today I feel like writing about two striking colors, namely Red and Yellow. I don't know why but since time immemorial I've always chosen yellow hijab for red blouse or baju kurung or dress or the like. And vice versa. There was one time when I was fifteen, my friends went berserk to see me wearing red hijab with striking yellow batik modern kurung.  Well, that's me being me, oblivious to others' perspective. 

Like this picture of me picking strawberries from an old album. Red seemed to love yellow and the feeling was mutual, so to speak. Those were the days when nothing boho in my closet yet, ehem.

Years have passed and the feeling remains the same. Old habit dies hard, I guess. Or I just love to stay exactly the way I've always been. Either that or I'm just …

Loosen Up & Down

Salam. My sister said I look good in loose clothing, kinda boho. And she described my style as 'Muslimah Boho'. Well, I started to dress in such a way early January 2012. A nod nod approval by mom, of course. Not that I wanna please her, but it's good to make her smile. I actually chose to dress my age but didn't wanna lose my identity at the same time either. 

When asked why I began to do posts on fashions, I said it's kinda Fardu Kifayah on my part to convey this message: The choice is ours ultimately, should we opt to cover beautifully and still look fashionable. At least it's my small contribution to the world of da'wah.

Like this Kurung Pahang. So much so that it's a traditional outfit, it's loose enough even with a belt surrounding the waist, if you choose not to tighten it up. Says who it's only gonna be less stylish when it's loose? It's all in our minds, to me.

See, why aren't the bracelets worn so tight anyway? More comfy to w…

Saree on Monday

Salam. It's Monday again, hi everybody..! And let's begin our week with positive energy. I finally got a chance to wear a dress made from saree that my future sister-in-law brought all away from India. She's taking Medic there, in case you wonder.

I really like this picture editor, been trying this and that during my ample time.

Look at the long dark brown cardi, well blend with the saree. Well, just ignore the fact that I looked funny in such reflection of blurred face. 
Or here, when the photo is somewhat spread.

Entered recess. We had lunch at Ruz Aladdin Briyani House, Ampang. It was a shock when I finished the whole plate!  Then everybody knew I really meant it when I said I felt like eating briyani.

Gotta check if there's any chicken leftover in between my teeth. *wink *wink. At this juncture, I could clearly hear a band jamming at a studio two stairs above my office. The beat somewhat lifted up the mood even more. ...

I noticed in my humbled blog's stats that I've got …

Night's Breeze

Salam.  It rained today in Klang Valley. All throughout the evening. No wonder it had been extra hot since morning. So the night's breeze was very cooling. I decided to drive to the nearest mall for a quick appetite hunting. All by myself. But my other half insisted to accompany me and we ended up going with Junior. Not according to the actual plan. Well, it's one of those time in the month, you know, when you have extra miles of mood swings. 

The Thai restaurant we went to didn't help much either. Even my two guys, the senior and the junior had a few bites only. That's the risk most Thai restaurants have gotta endure: constant changes of chefs. Hence, non-consistency of signature dishes. Ah, never mind. Thank you Allah, for the meals nonetheless.

Anyways, since I didn't have the mood to snap much shots at the restaurant, I just asked my brother to quickly take some pictures once I was home.

I wore a Kashmir lilac silk Pashmina, which I bought in Abu Dhabi last year. The cotton but…

Wonderful Friday

Salam. Juma'ah Barakah everybody. Can't wait for blissful weekends, ya?

Today's theme is a combination of green, peach and purple. The plain purple blouse I specifically asked my regular tailor to do some patch works from an Eqypt abaya. Glad with how pretty it turned out to be.

The skirt was handsomely customized by the infamous Chinese tailor I blogged about previously.  And the embroidered peach hijab was from House of Scarf, KL. 

~ Just another sunny day in Kuala Lumpur.

Enjoy your weekends ahead and thanks for keep coming back.
xoxo, TPJ.

Back On My Feet

Salam. It felt so good to be back on my feet again, after 3 days of 'home arrest'. Not that I was really fit to resume working, but at least I could get dressed in an office attire. I made a grand entrance, so to speak. Well, there was only ONE entrance anyway.

My assistant had to get us this "Open/Closed" signboard today. After an incident happened ~ someone knocked his head on the glass door. It was too transparent, he explained, bleeding. And there I was, so happy to see a new thing, not knowing the reason behind it. :(  Sorry, uncle...!

Anyways, here's the 'breakdown' of my attire: Jacket ~ Ti:zed Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Blouse ~ BELLE Skirts ~ V-One
(All are my fav local brands) 

Look forward to a much more pink of health tomorrow. Insya Allah. As they say, sickness is a way of cleansing your sins. So, Alhamdulillah... Thanks for keep coming back, guys..! Barakallahu fi kum. 

xoxo, TPJ.

Tunic Meets Skirts

Salam. This post goes to my new pal, dearest Sha of Miss Allysya.  Even though I was still dizzy standing still for a pose or two, I guess the Totti Color Block Tunic and Flared Maxi Skirts I got from her boutique deserve to be shared without further ado.  

I prefer to wear the tunic with my jeans actually, but this look is exclusively paired for the purpose of this entry.

It makes quite a different impact, don't you think? More feminine, as I see it.

Then again, it's really up to us to personalize or customize anything at all. I've just gotta pretend not to notice the gorgeous white cotton blouse Sha happened to make her BBM's profile picture this evening.
Well, pretend harder, TPJ...!
xx, salam.

Leather Mania

Salam. How are you guys doing? Well, I have been down with fever for three days now. Tired to the bone. Much better now though, hence the update comes into the picture. ^_^ Anybody's here loathe 100% Leather Handbags? For I don't. Lurveeee them to the core. And I don't fret about brands that much, as long as the quality and designs are my cups of tea PLUS the $$$ are friendly to the purse... I'd take them. Provided I have the money, of course. 
My biggest crazes have gotta be Marc By Marc Jacobs (MBMJ), J&P London and Esfolar (Brazilian leather-wear). Well, the main reasons being they're within my range of budgets ~ apart from their wonderful designs. But now, I've just found out about my hometown's own products! OMG...! I'm insanely proud now I could scream, especially it's called "GANU".. a shortform for Terengganu. I mean, REALLY?? The company's name is TRG Leather Sdn Bhd, based in Terengganu with its branch in Glasgow, UK. The…

Irreplaceable Ones ~ Happy Mother's Day

Salam.  You know, my mum has been staying with me almost 3 years now. Since my dad passed away. And not a day she stopped missing him. Last month she told me that she kept seeing him in her dreams, almost every night. That he came to express how he's been missing mum's company. She asked me if that was alright. I choked. But somehow I managed to sound casual when I said it's perfectly alright, in fact it's awesome, coz some people don't even have such honor to see their loved ones in dreams. I couldn't bear to know actually how bad she's missing dad. As much as I always miss him and occasionally dream of him, that's not even close to what she must have been going through. To be living without the love of her life. She's been holding on because of her kids. Because of us. But still, her heart's aching for him. That breaks me to pieces.
She phoned me yesterday evening from downstairs, like she usually does coz she's not keen to mount the stairs due…