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Supplement Your Health

Salam. Juma'ah Barakah to all of you guys. What you had for breakfast? As for me, breakfast would be a bit late coz I always start my day with supplementary drink. Been taking Cosway's Fibre Plus and Wholefood Nutrition for loads of years already. Normally than not that would make my stomach full and no amount of food could be taken anymore, right until lunchtime.
Ramadan is just around the corner, which means that I won't be drinking them in the morning. I'd normally shake these 2 supplements at night before going to sleep and during sahur. That helps a lot for better alert mind, body and system.

I took this info from the net so here it goes:
Wholesome Raw Food for Health, Vitality & Zest! Wholefood Nutrition - General Health
Code: 34127     40g x 15 packets

Nn Wholefood Nutrition is a supreme blend of raw, "living" wholefoods, formulated according to the 
Saeng Shik* philosophy. It provides balanced nutrition the way nature intended, w…

Within Capacities

Salam. This entry has been under construction quite awhile. It weighs pretty heavy within my chest, that's why. It's about Allah's Wills. Like it or not, everything that happens in this entire Universe is subject to His Wills. Even evil deeds. Whoever commits crime of course due to one's own weaknesses and motivated by Syaitan. But it's Allah who allows it to happen. He Listens to all of us, Grants our wishes, good or bad. Yet of course rewards and punishments await ahead.
We most of the time might think it's just not fair. Why on earth we get attacked by those with dark hearts when we don't even lay a finger on their lives? But that's why there's Jannah and there's Hell. 
So, whenever we feel like exploding or worse, do take some time to say istighfar. As much as we hate those things to ever happen to us, try to remember that they wouldn't have happened had Allah never allowed them to. There must be some reasons why. We might not see the bles…

Colors of The Day

Salam. I couldn't really sleep last nite. Lots of things in my head. Plus, I knew the fact that it was gonna be an emotional day ~ as been explained in my earlier entry. Yet still I had to hit the road very early in the morning to get to the Immigration Office.  So I'd intentionally chosen bright colors since last night to be worn today. At least I would somehow attract more positive energies, that was what I had in mind.

To some people I might dress for a wonderful occasion. Far from that, actually. Never mind, smile as sweet as you can, that was what I kept telling myself.
My ensemble was: ~ Two-tone pashmina of red & black ~ Yellow Terengganu Batik top ~ Silver-blue pants ~ Brown Pumps

The embroidery was DIY thingy of mine last 2 years. That time I was very much into beads and sequins. Those were the days I still had ample times in my bucket. Well, not anymore.
So, do enjoy life to the fullest. We don't know what future holds.
That's a wrap, folks. Thanks for keep coming bac…

It's All In Our Minds

Salam. As I write this entry, my beloved friends have just officially divorced. I'm crushed. There goes a 28 years of bitter-sweet union out of the drain. But that's what life is. Full of surprises. Like a box of different candies. We don't know which one we'd get. Then again, it was their choice. The best or the worst is not our say. We never lived their life. So who are we to judge?
So as people see my smiling pictures that I've uploaded in my FB before making this entry, I've been crying inside. I refused to even attend the fateful event. I don't want to cry. Enough of that. My own sadness has drained the tears. Can't risk swollen eyes. Not today. I'd do that later. On my own. When nobody's around.
*Sigh Big Time*
Dear readers, when I'm sad I tend to find reasons to smile. And reasons to go on fighting in this world of lies. Come smile with me...

A hug would be nice. Just let me hug myself and say the nicest things to my own ears. I deserve all …

Poppy Tuesday

Salam. I've been 'aiming' maxi dresses from quite some time now but not too sure about the sizing. Until I became friends with Mama Gee. After a few Q & A's sessions with her, I ordered a green Poppy Penny Chiffon Maxi Dress as you can see above. (And a purple Arabian Nights Maxi Dress for mom). 
When I received my parcel yesterday, I immediately knew that I've gotta layer the dress with something more striking in color. Or else I'd look pretty dull, given the color against my skin. 

So here's my version of this maxi dress:-

The mustard (owh, what color exactly was it)-green pashmina + sleeveless orange cardi + pink shoes seemed to make a good combo there. At least in my humble opinion.  Now that I know what size to order, gotta be easier... Credits to Mama Gee, of course.
That's all for now, folks. Thanks for dropping by. Much Love, TPJ.

Monday Highlight ~ Batik Sarong

Salam. Happy Monday, you guys. Quite a challenging one for me, actually. Loads of elements of surprise, let's just leave at that. As long as everything was still under control, I could call it a day at 6 pm. Alhamdulillah. I wore Baju Kurung today, of Batik Sarong. A big fan of Asian traditional fabrics, I started to ask my tailor to make me kurung from them and Batik Sarong was among the first in line.  I bought a dozen (the same prints) of Indonesian Batik Sarong in Langkawi about 4 - 5 years ago as souvenirs for my relatives back home. And I took two pieces to be made into this kurung as you can see here. Have always loved this one so very much. 

Then it became a habit. I bought a few others when I went to Langkawi again last 2 years. This Modern Kurung on the left was one of my eid-ul-fitri outfits that year. Even mom and my sister had their very own, all from Batik Sarongs of Langkawi. So very friendly to the weather in Malaysia, I tell you. And you could even go out without iro…

Casual Sunday ~ Hijabi Football Fan

Salam. EURO 2012 has almost come to an end. Yes, I'm a football fan. And I love EURO to bits. I just bought myself two pieces of Spain jerseys, the red and the blue ones. But today I wore none of them. I did wear a blue jersey as you can see here, but it was the Malaysian National Football Team's ~ Harimau Malaya jersey. 

I wore the blue jersey with a purple satin hijab, mustard inner, grey jeans jacket, printed palazzo pants and matching shoes. My sister-in-law said she wouldn't have guessed I wore a jersey in the first place. Well, she would have noticed right away had she was a football fan.

It was a hectic but fun Sunday for me. Finished preparing lunch about 12.45pm, I made a point of cycling until 1.20pm. I joined the family for lunch right after taking my shower ~ before driving to Subang for office stationaries shopping.

Then we went to The Curve, Damansara. I only had time to snap 3 pictures at our 1st pit-stop, The Garden Restaurant. But served the purpose, nonethel…

Wonderful Friday ~ Blue, Peach, Pink and Purple

Salam. Juma'ah Barakah everybody..! How are you guys doing, by the way? Today I wore Baju Kurung, Malays' traditional outfit. The fabric was saree I bought for Eid-ul-Fitri about 4 or 5 years ago, lost track of the actual date. I matched the blue kurung with a peach hijab, pink inner and pink-purple block shoes. I guess the 'feature look' for today was obviously the shoes, given the statement colors by themselves. But it was meant to be, since the other colors were very soft and tender.
I had a lunch appointment today at KL Sentral, after which a BFF of mine came to accompany me finish my chicken pie and hot latte. What a lovely time it was, lost track of the time chatting. She drove me home after picking up her son at a nearby nursery. Well, it wasn't really a nursery, actually. She was lucky to know a couple of elderly who could babysit her kid(s) one after another throughout these years. 

It was a cozy house they had, beautifully surrounded with loads of trees. And…

New Clothes Old Friends

Salam. I've got this particular cardigan that has been my BFF all this while. Knitted and warm, I always wear it to sleep. Very helpful especially in a heavily air-conditioned room. 

Last week right after coming back from Junior's Report Card Day, we went for a quick getaway. Later that nite I even wore the old cardigan of mine to grab a dinner in Bangsar.  Still presentable and passed an outfit of style. Can't believe I bought it more than 10 years ago! LOL.

Matched well with the new printed Julie Maxi skirt of Miss Allysya.

Really love this skirt, both the prints and the design. Different cut from all those flared maxi skirts I usually wear.  For an alternative or versatility, I guess.  

Paired it with my denim wedges. 

This brings me to a friend's status in FB: "Clothes are best when new, Friends are best when old" Well, when clothes are your friends, both rules apply. Hehehe.
That's all folks, thanks for dropping by. xx, TPJ.

Over To You, Son.

Salam. New semester has begun for about a week now. Last Friday I got an SMS from Junior's Class Teacher to confirm my attendance on Report Card Pick-up the following day. I was automatically worried about his Arabic, considering the fact that he didn't seem to cope with it just yet. 

Junior was very eager to show me his classroom and became an awesome 'tourist guide'. At least that could give me something else to focus on. I was actually preparing myself to see his Arabic results, coz last year he scored ZERO for Imlaa' (spelling).

We waited about 5 minutes before going in. Teacher Arfah turned out to be very  pleasant looking and friendly that I liked her instantly. Once seated, my eyes immediately sought for the most crucial subject as far as Junior was concerned. He got 68 for Arabic and 86 for Imlaa'. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Thanks to his Arabic tutor who's been very dedicated and ever so patient with him. 

I noticed that Junior had sort …

Sleepless In Kuantan

Salam. I've been going to watch movies quite often lately. But earlier this month was my first time to do so outside Kuala Lumpur. It was Men In Black 3. 

The Golden Screen Cinema was packed with youngsters.  Kuantan was alive, wow! And we grabbed 4 tickets for 2.45 am show.  Now, that was insane! 

Impromptu as it was, I just hijabified my nightie with a chiffon hijab, long sleeves tee, over-sized pants and a pair of Crocs. Then I noticed afterwards my photo had been bombed! Hehehe. Take a closer look at the girl behind me. She was having her sweet time photo-bombing at her level best.  Well, she was cute. Hence, forgiven. *wink *wink.
MIB 3 was fun. Would have enjoyed it more if the time was much friendlier to the body clock! I couldn't help noticing how much Will Smith has aged. And I felt so old myself. Anyways, it was emotional MIB sequel to me. Especially when they decided to reveal Agent J's dad upon his death. It broke my heart to see the connection between Agent J and Agent …

Now That You're Gone

Salam. Fathers' Day is celebrated worldwide (in most countries, anyway) on the 3rd Sunday of June every year, which makes it on 17th of June this time around. The 3rd year without dad anymore. Feels like yesterday. 

About one month before he was gone, we went on vacation in Padang, Indonesia. The best moments EVER. He couldn't stop talking about it even after we came back from the trip. 
He was having the time of his life. Never seen him as happy and relaxed before. And ever so romantic with mum. Seemed like they were on honeymoon or something. And nothing beats the joy to see him finished all the meals! He was totally into Padang cooking. 

We were laughing a lot. Now there's only tears to cry... So much I wanna tell him and make him laugh. But then again, Allah must have had bigger plans for him. And I have just gotta keep making him proud.
Happy Fathers' Day.
xx, TPJ.

Cotton-Sateen Part 1(b)

Salam. So, here's another episode of Cotton-Sateen from me.  Last time, pink and now blue. Very soft blue. My friend, Af of Afridafabricut said there wouldn't be any re-stock, much to my dismay. 

I sent it to be tailored as a dress as well, but quite different cut from the pink one. I wore it first time last week, with a baby blue cardigan and peacock blue hijab.

Together with my beloved handbag, watch, rings and the cute bracelet I got from my forever pretty friend's blog shop, Mom & Tots Shoppe.   

It was a trio-outing actually, after work. Gotta 'refill' whatever necessary for the household. And of course, gotta stop at this favorite bakery of my son, to get his doughnuts.  

What a comfy thing to wear, this Cotton-Sateen...!

Well, there's another outstanding entry of this Cotton-Sateen series yet to be posted (in due course, perhaps..) Final Countdown, actually.
Until then, thanks for dropping by. xx, TPJ.

Arabian Luncheon & Shoes Hunting

Salam. It's been a while since I last saw this family friend of mine, let's just call her "DL", shall we? A few school holidays came and gone, still we couldn't find time for some catching-up. Other than FB and Whatsapp, of course. Old school way, I mean. Until yesterday, when I took KLIA Transit Express Rail Link (ERL) to Putrajaya. DL picked me up and together we went to Alamanda Putrajaya.

Hungry to bits, we went to a Middle-Eastern restaurant, Sahara Tent. The deco, especially the settee and the curtain reminded us so much of an Arabian cozy restaurant at which we had a blast in Malaga last year.

We both ordered Mandi Chicken and Hot Latte.

I wish we had brought along some cili padi, for the blended tomato sauce wasn't spicy AT ALL. Other than that, the food was superb. I've tasted much, much better some other places, though.

There were some Toyota beauties at the Exhibition Hall.  

We both fell in love with this Red Beauty.

But since the beauty was too sex…