Hot Latte, Ma'al Hijrah and Egyptian Abayas

Assalamu'alaikum. Salam Ma'al Hijrah, you guys.. It's a public holiday here in Malaysia and I'm at  home away from home someplace in Putrajaya. Forgive my lack of stories nowadays, but things have been so messed up lately, with work, life and what not. So, let's see what we have right here, shall we? Last Friday I sat alone sipping my hot latte while waiting for a client at the nearby Starbucks, who happened to be late for more than an hour or so. What else could I do other than browsing the internet and taking own picture(s), right? Better than getting angry, that is. 

But then again, looking at my non-smiling selfie, you know that I couldn't help getting agitated, though. This waiting game has never been exciting anyways. 

Then at night, I got a few pictures via whatsapp from Egypt, asking me to choose which abayas that I would love to have. Well, may be due to plain tiredness and boredom, I wasn't really happy to choose. Either that or the pictures didn't do much justice to the real things. Or simply because they didn't appear nice in the first place? Or may be the way the pictures were taken? Ah, never mind. 

So I decided to choose the last two abayas shown here. I don't know. I might regret not to choose more but heck, at least I tried. And plus, I haven't got any abaya in that colors, eventhough they might look quite the same. Well, would you decide otherwise?

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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