Saturday, 31 May 2014

Under The Blazing Sun

Assalamu'alaikum. Yesterday was a tiring day, especially for someone with fever and dry cough (Read: the very me, this blog owner). I travelled to Malacca for a site visit with two lady clients and of course I wasn't the one who drove but I couldn't sleep either throughout the journey to and fro. There were so much things to talk about apparently, eventhough I mostly became one active listener, for that matter. Thank God I had managed to get a massage the day before for a fat two hours, or else I wouldn't have had any energy to even join them in the first place. Anyways, here are some pictures taken at the site for your viewing:

Sporty car there my client has, what an adventurous lady! 

The site: 4 acre agricultural land with lemongrass currently soiled.

I hope everything would go as smooth as possible for my clients, both of them deserve the very best in this world of lies. 

As for me, life goes on.. Fever or not. Coughing or not.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Baba Pink Sheep and Two Cutesies, Lovely Purse Holders

Assalamu'alaikum. I have always found it troublesome to get an extra chair to place my (often than not) huge tote bags at coffee houses or restaurants. So I've opted for my Baba Pink Sheep and its two cute friends, a.k.a purse holders, which I always carry wherever I may roam. I wish I could get many more that suit my personal preference and my handbags' weight requirement at reasonable price but yeah, who says it's gonna be easy? 

I guess I should try to check the accessory shops at Kenanga Wholesale one of these days and who knows I might stumble upon plenty other cutesies there, how about that? 

Meantime, my Baba Pink Sheep, silver and purple holders would be enough. (Read: as of now).

Some might ask, where did  I get those three? Well, I bought it at Amcorp Mall when I checked in a coffeehouse there with my dearest BFF, who bagged a few herself as well. One tip worths sharing, though : Mind the length of the hooks so that you won't get stucked placing them against standard dining tables.

With that, I sign off. Catch you later! 

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Juma'ah Barakah ~ Counting Blessings

Assalamu'alaikum. Yes, life has ups and downs but that's what makes it lovely. How about focusing on the good things rather than dwelling in the not so good ones? Happiness is a choice, really - so why choose sadness? Be glad to be alive just yet. Rise and shine. Smile and kick some ass. ;) 

Anyways, I had a good breakfast with fruit platter, which consisted of honeydews and papayas. Yesterday, though. Today I didn't get to snap any single picture of anything. The pictures in this post were all taken yesterday at Klana Hotels & Resorts, Seremban where I attended a ceremony to be remembered forever. 

I was officially admitted as a syari'e counsel of Negeri Sembilan yesterday. Alhamdulillah... Another blessing to count, another reason to rise and shine, another reason to smile ever so sweetly.

Winners take it all...

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Maths With Graphic Storyline

Assalamu'alaikum. So I've never really been good at Maths myself, let alone become a teacher. But heck, that's what mothers do anyways - teach Maths especially during exam weeks. Junior's teacher had whatsapped me over the weekend to have a revision on problems solving, so I ever so dutifully obliged. Somehow I figured it would be much easier if I explain things with some graphic visualisation to get to Junior and it turned out to be a jackpot, really. Alhamdulillah he was grinning most of the way while finishing 14 problematic questions on fractions. 

When I left the remaining half questions for him to tackle on his own, I had to however remind him not to consume too much time with his imaginations and storylines, or else he wouldn't be having enough time to finish off all questions in the exam hall. He smiled nonetheless. He understood. By the time the final question was due, he didn't even have to draw anything anymore, much to my delight. I knew he'd be just fine. I just knew it.

One thing I learned long time ago, it's all about approach and delivery of knowledge that really matter. There's no one specific way of making people understand, so be creative and be happy to help others around you the way you think suits them best.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tailored Hijab-Friendly Suits : Made In Krabi

Assalamu'alaikum. Another good thing about Krabi is that almost everything is much cheaper than two other tourist attractions that I'm familiar with, namely Hat Yai or Phuket - from massage, manicure & pedicure, spa and tailor-made suits (dresses, skirts, blouses and the likes). I decided to order two suits for a start, looking at the catalogs and the fabrics in one particular shop heading to Mercure Hotel. I forgot its name but the payment receipt stated "Barbarry" of 235 M.2 T.Aonang A.Muang Krabi. 

We spotted the shop by chance in fact, when we were searching for a massage place after leaving Junior with Bibik at the hotel the 1st night in Krabi. An Indian (or may be Bangladeshi) guy named Kishoor was there to welcome us and immediately phoned his "bayya" (brother) for further explanations and dealings, whose name sounded something like "Antique" if I was not mistaken. The price was totally crazy to our ears for 5 pairs of men's formal shirts, 1 pair of men's suit and 2 pairs of ladies' suits (with maxi double pleated skirts). I mean, we would never EVER get the same price anywhere at our place. Not with the same fabrics, details and workmanship - let alone SPEED. 

We went for fitting the following day after our island hoppings trip, about 3pm something local time with minor adjustments here and there and every single thing was ready for collection the very next day lunchtime - can you imagine? Hardly 3 days and we got all those things duly packed to be driven home. Mind blowing, really! I particularly love the skirts, which design I haven't had yet in my closet. Thumbs up. Hands down. Call it what you want - I fell in love. ^_^ 

From the catalog.

Into reality. With some modifications to suit a hijabi, of course. 

Verdict and review given, I definitely will repeat orders in near future - another reason to repeat visits to Krabi - ehem! ehem! 

- Nai at  Tak Pe Je.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Getting Friendly With Elephant In Krabi

Assalamu'alaikum. Apart from island hoppings, Krabi offers other nature attraction, namely elephant trekking and some packages would even include kayaking or rafting in the reserved forest. We were supposed to join a package that offered elephant trekking as well as bathing. Yes, bathing in the sense that you'd get wet together with the mammoth while crossing the rivers! But yeah, it had to be cancelled last minute for the package was soon discovered by the tourist information counter to be fully booked and would only be available at noon. We had to drive back to KL by then, so we requested for a brief walk instead and hence, got a refund for the surplus. 

It wasn't too long a ride to the reserved resort from our hotel, Sri Suksant and I was impressed with what welcome us there, especially the little cottage you see above. Really intriguing that I couldn't resist to have a picture snapped with the same as the background. I was actually wearing a nice pair of baggy pants newly bought in Krabi but I somehow appeared as though wearing skirts, but yeah, not quite bad either.

The elephant walked ever so slowly that I felt rather sleepy, in fact but half the way back things were more hyped when the trainers took the charge by hitting the logs to make loud sounds of gathering all elephants together at one meeting point. Then we could see how the elephants went half running, still slow but running nonetheless. That's when the trainers went down and take pictures of the tourists from the ground.

I was a bit concerned of the idea that the elephants were actually forced to routine the rides, but from my observation the trainers were all giving them their own sweet time when to move, stop or something in between. And they ate a lot along the way, which soothed my feelings somehow or rather. Other than that, I did enjoy the new experience. Alhamdulillah.

They apparently loved to walk in a group..

And before we left, my boy took his time to feed the elephants with guess what? Cucumbers, dearest! 

I thought they only love bamboos.. Errr.. I meant to say sugarcanes! LOL.

But I was wrong. Hurmmm...

It was a good exposure for Junior and us the adults as well. Even Bibik had a blast! Definitely an activity not to be missed if you happen to be in Krabi soon, ya..!

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Entered The Island Guys, Krabi Road Tour.

Assalamu'alaikum. Sorry for my silence, been rushing here and there more than ever. Anyways, Labor Day this year was such a long holiday, to me at least. Calling Friday a time-off, we drove to Krabi all away from Kuala Lumpur, now how absurd it sounds to you? LOL. I found it very absurd the first time I heard it, actually but yeah, loads of Malaysians have been doing road tours to Thailand anyways, so it's not something new in the first place. And it wasn't bad at all an idea as it turned out- better in fact, considering that we could move much easily without worrying about ground arrangements to and from the airport, if you know what I mean.

I'm not gonna blog about the road trip itself, though, not just yet, that is. Here are some pictures taken at a few islands in Krabi that are worth sharing:

It was a low season, apparently and the crowd was quite plenty. Can't imagine the peak season! 

My boy - an island young man, just like his dad.

I love islands and beaches myself, so it's fine if they always wanna do island hoppings. Just don't ask me to swim or even snorkel! 

Entered the young sandman...

Awesome view. Masya Allah. Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. 

Serenity. Tranquility. Just don't forget the sunblocks, that's all. LOL.

There goes a quick post, dearest. Thanks for coming.. Catch you later!

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.