Baba Pink Sheep and Two Cutesies, Lovely Purse Holders

Assalamu'alaikum. I have always found it troublesome to get an extra chair to place my (often than not) huge tote bags at coffee houses or restaurants. So I've opted for my Baba Pink Sheep and its two cute friends, a.k.a purse holders, which I always carry wherever I may roam. I wish I could get many more that suit my personal preference and my handbags' weight requirement at reasonable price but yeah, who says it's gonna be easy? 

I guess I should try to check the accessory shops at Kenanga Wholesale one of these days and who knows I might stumble upon plenty other cutesies there, how about that? 

Meantime, my Baba Pink Sheep, silver and purple holders would be enough. (Read: as of now).

Some might ask, where did  I get those three? Well, I bought it at Amcorp Mall when I checked in a coffeehouse there with my dearest BFF, who bagged a few herself as well. One tip worths sharing, though : Mind the length of the hooks so that you won't get stucked placing them against standard dining tables.

With that, I sign off. Catch you later! 

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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