Entered The Island Guys, Krabi Road Tour.

Assalamu'alaikum. Sorry for my silence, been rushing here and there more than ever. Anyways, Labor Day this year was such a long holiday, to me at least. Calling Friday a time-off, we drove to Krabi all away from Kuala Lumpur, now how absurd it sounds to you? LOL. I found it very absurd the first time I heard it, actually but yeah, loads of Malaysians have been doing road tours to Thailand anyways, so it's not something new in the first place. And it wasn't bad at all an idea as it turned out- better in fact, considering that we could move much easily without worrying about ground arrangements to and from the airport, if you know what I mean.

I'm not gonna blog about the road trip itself, though, not just yet, that is. Here are some pictures taken at a few islands in Krabi that are worth sharing:

It was a low season, apparently and the crowd was quite plenty. Can't imagine the peak season! 

My boy - an island young man, just like his dad.

I love islands and beaches myself, so it's fine if they always wanna do island hoppings. Just don't ask me to swim or even snorkel! 

Entered the young sandman...

Awesome view. Masya Allah. Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. 

Serenity. Tranquility. Just don't forget the sunblocks, that's all. LOL.

There goes a quick post, dearest. Thanks for coming.. Catch you later!

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. Batu apa yg awak pegang tu nai? nak bawak balik ke? hehee..
    bestnya pi vacation!

    1. Ingat nak bwk balik tp x bleh bwk apa2 menda dari kwsan pantai,
      Ye, best. Penat tapi best.

  2. huihhh betul2 keje giler kak drive smpi ke sana tapi mmng puas hati la ek dah la pantainya cantik baq ang!

    1. Hang tau tak paa... Huhuhu... Berbaloi2 ikan kaloi...!


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