Friday, 30 November 2012

Defeated By Cinnamon and Rock Salt

Salam. I've been looking for a spa with resdung (sinusitis) facial nearby my place. Quite some time already, now that my friend whose place I've been getting treatment at has been closed. Then I decided to try Yoyoy Kamphora Spa in Melawati Square. The candles that they used didn't have much smoke, which was a pleasant in every way. I decided to try the aftermath Herbs Mask, which apparently made from a mixture of cinnamon. Alien to my skin, I felt like crying and my face was burning tremendously, it seemed. What came next did make me cry and shout: Rock Salt Scrub. Oh My God! Never before I felt so hurt while doing facial. 

It took me two days not to appear red-faced. That's a detriment for someone with extra sensitive skin like me. It was back to normal on the third day, though. Alhamdulillah. True to what has been told, my face felt much 'lighter' after all the reddening process. 

Then again, I do want to repeat my sessions there, actually. Minus the herbs mask AND the rock salt scrub, of course. Definitely loved the massage that the therapist did to my shoulders and face areas. And I particularly look forward to trying the 'Sunnah Cupping' (Bekam Sunnah) as been suggested by the spa owner, a beautiful hijabi. I heard it's gonna be good for my chronic resdung problem.       

Would blog more about this thing later. Until then, sayonara. Much love, Nai @ TPJ.

Julia Roberts, She and Her Smiles...

It's been a while... and I'm missing this pretty woman, her acting and of course, her smiles...

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Happily Alive

Salam. People keep asking me what am I so happy about. I'm alive, I said. That's why.
So, if there's no other reason for you to be happy, at least don't forget the fact that you're still breathing today. You might lose one eye, be glad there's another one. I remember the moment I lost vision of my left eye and never once that I mourned it. I've always been so glad for the good right eye. Thankful that Allah has given me a pair of eyes, so when one is taken away, there's another one. Thankful that Allah has loaned me eye-sight to begin with. That when He Decided to take away half of the loan, I was embarrass to even complain.   

I read a book by Dr. Aaidh Ibn Abdullah al-Qarni, Don't Be Sad a few years ago.
Then I knew I was going in the right direction. Especially when he shared about the story of a pious man who had lost one of his fingers but never seemed to notice or mind about it due to his gratitude for other fingers. So I got myself a driving license and braved the world of own driving. I scratched the left side of the car so many times due to my limitation, but that didn't stop me from living my dreams.

And people keep saying how different I look now, that I used to look much better before I got sick.
Yes, they are right. But I'm not wrong. I'm okay with everything that happened to me. I'm okay with all the bitter-sweet paths that Allah Has made me walked. All those have made me who I am  today. Allah Has the Power to even cleanse one's blood, replace it with a whole pine of purified fresh blood.

And may be, just may be, that's why I've been given back my lost vision. I might have passed the test, I guess. Alhamdulillah. And I can't be more thankful. Allah Has Given me more than I've ever asked for. Another reason to be happy, for sure.

Life is a journey full of colorful ups and downs. Cherish each and every one of them wholeheartedly.
Why choose to be sad when you have reason(s) to be happy?
If you can't find one, at least let it be ALIVE. 
Let's be happy to be alive, shall we?


Bye for now, Assalamu'alaikum. 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

All About Chemistry, Honesty & Loyalty

Salam. We have been through thick and thin occasions together. 
All three of us ~ Kak Liza, Kak Ros and I. One is hurt, the other two would feel the pain.  

You just can't fake a chemistry. Or honesty. Or loyalty.
Each one of them is a gift from Allah swt. 

Each one of them is sweet. Pure. Divine.
Thank you Allah, for this ukhuwah fillah.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hot Sunday Wedding

Salam. How was your weekend? Hope it was enjoyable, really. Mine revolved around family matters, marital affairs to be exact ~ an engagement and a wedding back to back.
Here are two pictures I feel like sharing.
It was a wonderful down to earth wedding but packed with love and hearts and souls...
The bride was so happy, forever smiling ear to ear ever so generously. Well.. obviously having a blast, just like her sister did the previous day on her engagement. I was happy as well, looking at how happy they were.

The weather was so bright all day long, which was a blessing to everybody. So bright that I couldn't take my shades off, being a 'vampire' in every possible way. Lots of other guests were seen wearing shades themselves, so much of the heat. I was having flu actually but never mind, managed to survive the ceremony pretty well. How I wish I didn't look that pale without any lipstick on. Quite an awful 'lipstick eater', as always. Then again, no one's fault but mine. Who asked not to do some touch-up first before snapping any photos? Hurmmmm...

~ That's all, folks. Bye... Assalamu'alaikum.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

And She Got Engaged... A Day Before Her Sister's Wedding

Salam. I seldom go to engagement ceremonies, next to never, it seems. So today was one of the few moments recorded. An immediate cousin of Junior's dad, she's obviously another looker among the big families. A brainy beautiful young lady. Really love her outfit and make-up. She stayed up till 3 am last night, she said.. finishing up all the necessary things for her engagement day.  

The ceremony was simple and straight forward. She's now a bride to be whose wedding is a few more months ahead ~ Just around the corner. She looked very vibrant and happy, which was plain and of course, glad to see. Her mom, whom we call Mak Long was struggling, though... must have been missing the recently passed away husband. Understandable, really.  

We will be back to this house again tomorrow. This time is gonna be the cousin's eldest sister's wedding ceremony. Let's call it a pre-wedding and real wedding ceremonies back to be, shall we? I'm sure Mak Long will have to be much stronger tomorrow, for the emotion is sure gonna be much bolder. Especially during the aqad nikah ceremony and the du'a afterwards...

That's all for now. Thanks for reading, appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
Enjoy your weekend and bye for now.
Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Johan, Ain is still Am's wife.... Not COOL at all..!

Salam. I'm crazy for Am, yes.. But still I've gotta write this. No offence, but I feel it's about time Malaysian script writers, bloggers or even novelists do some basic research about Syariah laws before coming up with their so-called masterpiece. As of date, let's clear some air in Adam & Hawa - a big-time hit tele-movie @ Astro Mustika HD Channel 134 every 10pm Mondays - Thursdays. Here goes:-

1- Taklik or the written conditions read and signed by a groom after aqad ceremony will only be officially enforceable by a court order. Meaning to say, a wife needs to go to the syariah court to duly endorse any breach of such condition(s) and get a validation from a judge that a talaq has actually occured due to the same.

~ So, even if Am had never sent any monetary maintenance to Ain for the past 8 years, a talaq would never occur unless and until Ain goes to the syariah court to have the matter confirmed and/or resolved.

~ And in some districts (like in Am's and Ain's case), a talaq upon validation by a judge will be in a nature of khul' (pronounced as khu-look). So, please don't pronounce it the way Johan the Rebonding guy did in the awesome tele-movie Adam & Hawa, i.e. 'Cool'. That's not cool at all, ok?

~ What does it mean, then? In such a case (talaq in a nature of khul') in takliq divorce, the divorce is by the decree of the judge. So, the existing quota of 3 divorces are still intact, untouchable, as in the case of divorce by way of fasakh. This is totally different if the taklik written and read in the Marriage Certificate clearly says that upon confirmation by the judge, then the wife is legally divorced with 1 talaq. In such a case, the divorce by way of taklik would reduce the number of divorce in store. Thus, it very much depends on the contents and wordings of the written taklik in the first place. 

~ So, even if the talaq khul' were given to Ain had she gone to the syariah court due to Am's non-maintenance, there would have been 3 talaqs in store STILL if they decided to re-marry after the divorce granted by the court.

2- Johan asked his mom to make a proposal for marriage to Ain, knowing fully well that she's legally married to Am.

~ What the heck? You can't even propose to a bethrothed, engaged woman.. Let alone someone else's wife. That's totally lame even in a pagan world. C'mon, now!

Well, let's stick to 2 points only. For now. ^_^

Bye.. Assalamu'alaikum.

Latest Pashmina Updates

Salam. Juz got a few pashmina shawls from Middle-East. Wore one of them to the office yesterday. The material is so silky-soft and I fell in love with it at the first touch.

Which was a bliss, the weather being too hot to handle. It rained about 6 in the evening, which explained the extreme heat. Either way, the silky shawl was a darling to me. The tense around a bulk of workloads was apparently too much already. Comfy outfits did help.
One way or another. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Mezquita de Cordoba, My Heart Will Go On

Salam. No sane Muslims wouldn't feel a sharp pain in the deepest soul when they set foot in the Mezquita  de Cordoba. Now even though still called mezquita for Mosque, it is the largest and the greatest church alive. When Muslims invaded Spain, they purchased a building from the Christians to make a mosque and let them have their existing church for their own use as it had always been beforehand. But when the Islamic Kingdom was defeated, no amount of tolerance shown to the Muslims. Not only the mosque was taken by force, not even a single amount of religious practice was allowed among the Muslims. The only reason Islam still survived until today was the Muslims would inherit the religion to their predecessors successors by teaching them syahadah secretly at their death beds. 

Now Christians are free to say their prayers at the Cathedral but no way a Muslim would be allowed to conduct theirs. Very understandable, in a sense, yeah.. for it used to be a mosque, but not anymore. As our friend there said, it's better not to stir or trigger any provocation, coz it would be easier for the local Muslims to keep living as ones in Spain.
It was heart-wrenching, of course. But at least now Muslims are free to pray and practice their religion elsewhere other than the Great Mezquita. Even though way modest as compared to the masterpiece, we did pray at a nearby mezquita with such mixed feelings.

Alhamdulillah, Islam in Spain has been much easier nowadays. Then Muslims were even forced to go out Sundays in total nudity, drink liquor and eat pork under close scrutiny of the authorities. And even if they did all that, they would still be tormented if their faces were still evident of wudhu'.. to that extent. Coz then taking bath wasn't something very popular, so Muslims were easily spotted, especially the practicing ones.

There will be time when Islam will shine again. That's Allah's promise.
But it won't happen in near future if the Muslims keep fighting against one another.
Or if the Muslims keep deviating from the right path of the religion.
Let's pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine and all over the world.

Medina al Zahra, History and Future

Salam. Things are meant to stay for some reason. Some have been preserved by Allah swt as reminder and evidence of an existence, so that lessons are learned by later generations. That's what history is all about. Medina al Zahra is no exception. It is still there, as a what used to be the earliest modern and civilized city in Spain. Of an Islamic Kingdom in Cordoba.

The kingdom fell apart due to disunity among the Muslim tribes and now it serves as a place must-seen in Spain for public at large. But for those who want to learn, open their eyes and minds and hearts, they would dive deeper to the essence of it. Allah must have had His own Agenda, obviously for so many hearts have opened to Islam and said syahadah at the remains of the once upon enormous Islamic city itself.

The Holy Qur'an says in Chapter 14 (Ibrahim) verse 19 - 20:

Do you not see that Allah created the heavens and earth in Truth? Were He to will, He could take you away and bring new creation. That is not at all difficult to Allah.

And In Chapter 9 (Taubah) verse 39:

And if you turn away, He will exchange you for some other people and they will not be your likes.

Since the alleged 9/11 attack, Islam has intrigued a remarkable number of followers around the globe. At the same time, existing Muslims are lacked in values and many even renounced faith whether officially or not. Reverts are more appreciative than those who are, or were born Muslims. Verily the Qur'an never lies. And no wonder the prophet himself was so worried of his ummah that he kept mentioning them at his last breath.

May Allah save us all. Ameen. 

Zipper Blues In Masjid Tuanku Zainal Abidin, Putrajaya

Salam. This happened quite some time back, about 3 years ago. 
We went to Putrajaya for the hot balloon expo, but the organizers couldn't send any balloon up due to the rain. So we went to the nearest mosque, Masjid Tuanku Sultan Zainal Abidin for Asar and Maghrib prayers. I took a shower there before praying.

And for some reason unknown to anybody, the zipper of my modern kurung chose to be faulty afterwards. Thank God I brought along my praying clothes to the bathroom. And thank God there was a shop at the mosque lobby that happened to sell outfits for hajj and umrah. I bought a sheer white tunic, which apparently was meant for a guy, but what the heck, so long as it would serve the purpose.. worked just fine with me!

So as to make the sheer thingy beautifully hidden to all the public at large, I bought a pashmina shawl together with arms socks. Then I layered the shawl like the above picture, hooked with a spared brooch that happened to be inside my praying clothes bag. And I was happily at ease to mingle around at Alamanda afterwards.

Lessons learned, I have always made sure there would be spare garments in the car ever since.  
You never know what future holds...

There goes nothing from me, thanks for reading. Until next time, Sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ. 

Monday, 19 November 2012

Bayt al Rihla, A Home All Away From Home

Salam. Andalucia has been in my heart and soul for time immemorial. When I had the chance to actually be there in person last year, I just couldn't believe it. But I'm not gonna blog about it here, though. Not just yet, coz there was a very fateful event that I'm still trying to recover from. Let us begin with the sweet memories that worth sharing, shall we? Look at the scenery, Masya Allah.. Subhanallah... Alhamdulillah... La ilaha Illa Allah... Allahu Akbar! I almost choked when I set my foot at Bayt al Rihla, especially at the balcony where we were welcome with such a majestic view.    

I could spend the whole day just watching the skies, the mountain, the trees... and doing nothing at all. But of course I didn't.. it was a freezing winter, for God's sake..! ^_^ Ever so romantic person, I felt like writing a scene of my long due novel based on the background. Plus, it doesn't take a romantic or genius to actually appreciate such a splendid venue and view.

The kids did a great job of tumbling down the whole house. And we the adults did quite an average job of damage control afterwards. *sigh.
But even looking at the pictures of them could bring wide smile and big laugh to myself. So cute and adorable, all of them. Junior had the most wonderful time of having siblings around, that he didn't bother me much except when he was hungry or sleepy. 

We had the sweetest time there, despite the freezing cold weather. I had a few days of knowing someone there, we got very close like a father and daughter would. He was my friend's father, who had been looking forward to being there all his life. He told me a lot of things, his memories, his hopes, his favorites.. and I was all ears. He asked aspirins, cough syrup and balm whenever he felt bitter. And he even asked me to make him drinks, give him bread or cook him dinner, to which I was happily obliged.

And a few days later he passed away. I just couldn't take it. It's almost a year since he's gone. I still have heartache each time I remember... and I just can't forget. When I'm ready, I'll do more entries about our bitter-sweet memories there. I don't write when I'm too sad....

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Until next time, sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

One Convo, One Wedding & No GPS

Yesterday was a packed Saturday for me. Earlier on was my brother's convocation at Sunway Putra Palace Hotel (formerly known as The Legend, KL). The ballroom was filled with lots of Chinese and some Indians and we were among the few Malays around. We were so proud of the grad brother, after such a hard work and difficult route that he had to take to get there. Really glad to see him smile after so many years of pain and suffering.

The university management was kind enough to prepare loads of delicious refreshments. Mom said, it was all deserving due to its expensive school fees. Had to agree for once. But then again, still much cheaper compared to the fees in the London Campus. Anyhow, congrats to him for doing a great job there in the University of Greenwich. He graduated with 2nd Class Upper in Degree of Accountancy and would complete his LCCA ACCA soon. No wonder he was all smiles and I was a proud sister...

I drove home and my sister volunteered to be at the wheel to Kuala Selangor, but she insisted to go pick her GPS at her place. Thing is, I'm hopeless with GPS, have given up long ago. Not saying it's not good, just not working much with me. Distracting me in so many ways, especially when the woman's voice kept asking me to slow down, watch my speed, and re-routing the maps each time I took a different turn. My sister relented at last, after her GPS kept asking her to use different highway as opposed to my directions toward LATAR. And we arrived in an hour or so. Not bad for the first timers, eh?

The bride had already changed into casual kurung. But luckily there was still enough food for us. Alhamdulillah. What mattered the most was that we actually took all the efforts to get there and Allah had smoothed the way for us, due to the noble intention, perhaps.. 

That's all, thanks for reading. Until next time, sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Colorful Abaya Turns Tunic

Salam. It used to be an abaya from Middle East, before I sent it to my tailor for some make-over.
Then it became a long tunic like this:

Been wearing it with jeans for a casual look or two.

Just gotta do that, or else it would have been left hanging in the closet.
Since it has turned into a tunic, I always put it on every now and then.. Duly loved and cared.

Take care..

My Chemical Romance In My Closet

Salam. Of all the songs by My Chemical Romance, apart from I'm Not Okay (I Promise), this one has always been hiding in my closet:


And someone just asked me one day: Nai, Are You Okay?
I said, No. I'm Not Okay. But I promise I Will Be. 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

In The Name of Love, Everlasting Love.

Salam. For the past few days I had been resting at mom's place with Junior. I hadn't been feeling very well since last week actually, must be the weather. But since I'd promised Junior to spend some time at kampung, I dragged my feet to drive all away to Temerloh. I asked Junior to tell mom over the phone that we were coming when I stopped at the nearest petrol pump, about 11.30 a.m. Then hardly 1.00 pm I was already hugging mom, who had been preparing lunch. 

I fell so sick at mom's, pity her. But thank God it happened there, so that someone would be looking after Junior now that I was down. I had the best rest since the past 2 months, I guess. Junior for once listed down some special menu request from his granny, to which mom was happily obliged. He was having the time of his life, favorite foods and whole bunch of best buddies around. 

And this evening I drove back to KL, feeling much, much better. It had been raining all away but thank God everything went smoothly, Alhamdulillah. It took me almost 2 hours due to the rain, which of course caused quite heavy traffic, as usual. Other than that, it was such a blessing. I really enjoyed the scenery, from a lover's eyes, smiling at my son who had been sleeping throughout the journey, just like the drive from KL to the village. So much for accompanying me!

I wore mom's voile square hijab that I found when looking for a towel in her wardrobe. Just to feel near her, actually. Still couldn't get over the feeling when she kissed and hugged me so tight the moment I met her in the kitchen days earlier. Still couldn't forget the way she said "Sampai, ya?Cepatnya. Pandai anak mak bawak kereta..!".. I was still her little girl, even though I brought home a little boy of my own.

That's what a mom is for... Junior has me. And I have mom.
That kind of love is something you can't buy.
And it's gonna last ever after.
It's called an 'Everlasting Love'.

Thanks for reading. Bye for now. Take care. Much love, Nai @ TPJ. 

Monday, 12 November 2012

A Day In The Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Salam. Remember I told you guys about Junior's tooth-ache in Abu Dhabi? It was hard for us to really enjoy Ferrari World, not when he was in pain. But thanks to his passion for cars, we survived the hours there. The place was so massive that I felt like hiring a wheel chair for myself, literally speaking. ^_^

At least he could divert his attention someplace else. Had so much fun at the wheel from one section to another. Not really into cars myself, but still cherished the experience to actually 'drive' a Ferrari. I almost fell asleep throughout the fake drive, though. A little bit too slow for a grown-up. Well, I have always loved speeds, that's why.  

Junior even got himself a Ferrari Driving License.
Not bad for someone who was suffering from a bad tooth-ache, right? But we didn't snap much pictures because of that. Gotta take some time to just sit and wait for the pain to subside. Then again, it's not that we didn't have any picture at all. Just that doesn't justify the greatness of the Ferrari World. So much more inside..! 

Thanks for reading. Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Life Is A Series of Jigsaw Puzzles

Salam. Have you ever felt tired of this life? Heck yes.. coz we are all humans.

But that's how life goes. On and on. Let's take 5 and have a break or two. Then on we go again. For all we know, by today the pain doesn't feel as hurt as yesterday. Come tomorrow, we'd have better things to worry, if we might.

There are times we just can't figure things out. Just like a box of jigsaw puzzles, one tiny little piece seems to be missing someplace when the rest of its siblings have made a wonderful picture. All but ONE. The picture is so beautiful but is not yet PERFECT. Why don't we chill out a bit and let it be.. give our own shoulders a good pat. What a great job we've done there, wow! 
When we don't really think of the flaw, sometimes we would find the missing piece with a smile on our face. If it's not now, it might be later. 

Be nice to ourselves. We deserve all love care and tenderness from our own selves THE MOST. 
Because we are just WORTH it.

Take care.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

New Instant Hijab ~ Fish Bone Syria

Salam. Last month when I went to Setiawangsa Jaya Jusco, I 'stumbled' into a new syria hijab by the name of "Fish Bone".
It took me sometime to wear it, though. Turned out alright.

I actually became FB friend with the lady I bought it from, Kak Ogy. She would always update her stalls whereabouts every now and then. You can find her here.

I particularly love the pink inner, which I also bought from her. Do visit her stalls, if you happen to be nearby. Should you feel like ordering, feel free to ask her in the FB.
Have a nice day..!

Flying Fish, Where Are You?

Salam. I love Padang Cuisine, especially its signature dish, the Flying Fish.

When the craving gets too much to ignore, I'd go to Sari Ratu Restaurant in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur. Check out their website here


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mom vs Maid, Not Even A Comparison

Salam. I'd write in Malay and the English subtitle would follow in Italic.

Masa aku sibuk kulu-kilir buat keja rumah aritu, Junior ada buat statement gempak punya sambil siapkan robot dan amenda ntah dengan Lego. "Mummy sorang je tak lari. Bibik mana pun sama je, semua lari". Aku nak tergelak pun ada. Nama pun aku ni Mummy, bukannya Bibik. "Ye la, sayang.. Mummy confirm takkan lari punya..!" Itu aje la yang aku boleh cakap. Tiba-tiba je minda aku buat matematik, siap dengan tajuk2 kecik sekali..

One day when I was busy with daily chores at home, Junior suddenly made one heck of a statement while playing with his Lego. "Only mummy stay. All maids (were) just the same, kept running away". I felt like laughing out loud. That was why I was called mom, not maid, I thought to myself. "Of course dear, Mummy will never ever run away, that's for sure!" That was all I could say to him. Then my mind started to make some math, together with sub-headings...

Pergi Sekolah (Going to School)

Bibik aku dulu pagi-pagi Junior nak gi sekolah, dia sibuk kat dapur kenyangkan perut dia dulu. Kalau aku tak suruh, sampai sudah la tak ada apa2 atas meja untuk Junior. Sejak aku ambik alih, sebelum pergi sekolah Junior mesti minum teh atau milo dan makan roti atau kek buat alas perut. Dia sudah mandi je mesti tanya, "Mummy dah buat air?" Amboi....

Every morning when Junior wanted to go to school, my previous maid would be busy eating in the kitchen. There would be nothing for him on the table if I didn't ask her. But when I took over, Junior would have a cup of tea or choc drink and some bread or cake before going off to school. Even made a point of asking each time after his shower, "Mummy, have you made a drink for me?" Very well...

Kenduri-Kendara (Functions)

Kalau pergi kenduri (kawen) mana-mana, bibik aku cepat-cepat keluar kereta dan meluru ambik makanan, suap mulut sendiri. Yang majikan dia ni, pak encik temankan Junior duduk dulu, sampai la mak encik bawakkan makanan untuk Junior. Then, barulah pak encik dengan mak encik pergi ambik makanan untuk diri sendiri. Sementara itu, bibik aku sudah relax goyang kaki tunggu masa nak balik rumah.

Everytime we went to any function (weddings, for example), the previous maid would rush out of the car to get herself food and drink. As for us the employers, sir would accompany Junior at the seat until madam comes with food and drink for him. Then only sir and madam would get things for themselves to eat. Meanwhile, the maid would have done eating and waiting to go home with us.

Kain-Baju (Clothes)

Hari2 bibik masukkan baju dalam mesin basuh. Hari2 jemur baju. Tapi tak angkat-angkat. Tak maunya kering kain-baju, sebab yang basah selalu je ditambahkan kat sebelah. Jenuh la Junior nak carik matching baju tido, stoking mahupun suar kecik. Kalau takde kat dalam bakul besar tempat bibik lipat dan biarkan je gitu, mesti ada kat ampaian kalau bernasib baik. Yang aku ni, tak payah la cerita banyak, kan? Semua orang dapat rasa aura tenang dalam rumah ni. Tenang dan teratur.

Everyday the maid would do the laundry. Everyday she hung the clothes. But she chose to let them be there forever, it seemed. How to get them dried when she kept hanging the wet clothes next to the existing ones? It took Junior forever to find a pair of matching pyjamas, socks or even panties. If there were not in a huge basket where she folded and left them unattended, there might be at the drying place, if we got lucky. As for me, no need to even mention here, right? Everybody can feel the serenity in the house now. Serene and organized.     

Ok, cukup la tiga tajuk kecik tu. Mana aci bandingkan ibu dengan bibik. Sebab tu la Hadis kata, syurga tu bawah telapak kaki ibu, bukan bawah telapak kaki bibik. Bukan anak dia. Bukan keluarga dia. Bukan rumah dia. Bukan juga rumah-tangga dia. Kalau ada pilihan, dia mesti nak duduk rehat-rehat kat tanahair sendiri, bukan kerja jauh-jauh kat negara orang. 

Okay, 3 sub-headings would serve the purpose. It's not even a fair comparison a mom as opposed to a maid. That's why Hadith said that the Jannah is under mom's feet, not under maid's feet. It's not her son. Not her family. Not her home. Not even her marriage. Had she had a choice, she would've chosen to honeymoon everyday in her hometown, not slaving herself so far away in a foreign country.

Gambar2 ni aku ambik masa teman Junior main game kat Jaya Jusco dekat kawasan rumah aku. Naik pitam tunggu dia seharian. Budak2 KL ni nak ke mana la kalau bukan ke shopping complex, kan? Yang kat bawah ni aku ambik guna mesin kat tempat game tu. Mak ai, arahan mesin kut Bahasa Jepun, mana la aku paham. Tak pe je la tapinya, janji keluar gambar kami berdua, kan?

These pictures were taken when I accompanied Junior playing games at Jaya Jusco nearby my house. Felt like fainting to have spent the whole day there. Kids in KL don't have much places to go to except shopping complex, right? The printed pictures were taken from a machine there. Had such a hard time completing the process, the instruction being in Japanese. But never mind, so long as we got our pictures taken just fine, right?

That's about it, folks. Thanks for reading, appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Until next time, Sayonara. Much love, Nai @ TPJ.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cherish The Embroideries, Ladies

Salam. What I love the most about Bawal or Voile Square Hijabs are the embroideries. 
Something so precious should be put in the front row, right?

So, I've always styled my voile square hijab like a shawl and made sure the embroideries would be in front instead of behind.  If we can cherish something, let's not put it to waste.
Says who we should be wearing embroideries in special occasions only?
The rule is, There Is No Rule.

Bye for now.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Black Is Captivating

Salam. Today I went to the office after M.I.A for almost a month. It felt good.
So good that I couldn't stop smiling. Working from home was okay but being physically present at my workstation brought different kind of feelings, one way or another.

This picture was taken in my prayer room, didn't realize how much I missed the place.
It's where I've been resting and doing a lot of personal calls to whomever it may concern.

And I made a point of having a brunch with one of my previous attachment students beforehand.
I won't be at the airport when he takes his flight back to Al-Azhar University next week, so brunch was a good farewell time.

And it felt so good to be home afterwards, knowing fully well everything would be in order. 
That I had already made sure everything would be just fine.
But I won't be cooking tonight, nope. Already asked my sister-in-law to pack some Nasi Kukus
(Steamed Rice) for our dinner.

That explained my all-blacks outfit today. In-charge mode was ON.

Bye for now. 

Saturday, 3 November 2012

From Adele With Love


If I were to write a song, I want it to be like this:

Straight from the heart. 

One who can shed so many tears from so many people must have had cried so hard herself beforehand. How hurt she must have been, this lovely Adele.


Friday, 2 November 2012

Arabian Cruise & Tooth Ache Blues

Salam. December last year we went to Abu Dhabi, some of you might still remember. The following day after the adrenaline Desert Safari, we went to the Ferrari World and summed up the night with the Arabian Cruise. 

Just like the Desert Safari, the cruise was dominated by tourists, most of whom were Europeans. I could see how the ladies dressed ever so elegantly and felt a little bit out of league. But never mind, I wouldn't trade my sweater with their tubes/neckline dresses or would've shivered to death. Winter breeze was too much for me at night.

Pity Junior, he suffered from toothache that it took him a great deal of patience and tolerance not to ruin his parents' lovely time. I loved him so much for that, the sensitivity he'd always had even at such a tender age never failed to warm my heart. When he couldn't take it, he'd just lie down and tried to sleep, not that he was sleepy anyways.

Look at his right cheek, a little bit swollen.. We had to give him some pain relief every now and then. That night he couldn't really eat much, unlike the dinner he savored the night earlier in the desert. Poor him, the food was fabulously superb. He just had his orange juice, which actually worsened the pain. But at least he could drink..

So the next day we headed home. Back to reality, eh? And I brought Junior to the dentist, who gave him pain killers and germs gargle. Then the bad tooth was duly removed a few days afterwards. 

He said he wanted to go there again, with his best buddies (of our family friends), with whom we traveled to most countries together. Well, I hope he'd be able to do that soon... ^_^

Thanks for dropping by, really appreciate it. Until next time, Sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.