A Day In The Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Salam. Remember I told you guys about Junior's tooth-ache in Abu Dhabi? It was hard for us to really enjoy Ferrari World, not when he was in pain. But thanks to his passion for cars, we survived the hours there. The place was so massive that I felt like hiring a wheel chair for myself, literally speaking. ^_^

At least he could divert his attention someplace else. Had so much fun at the wheel from one section to another. Not really into cars myself, but still cherished the experience to actually 'drive' a Ferrari. I almost fell asleep throughout the fake drive, though. A little bit too slow for a grown-up. Well, I have always loved speeds, that's why.  

Junior even got himself a Ferrari Driving License.
Not bad for someone who was suffering from a bad tooth-ache, right? But we didn't snap much pictures because of that. Gotta take some time to just sit and wait for the pain to subside. Then again, it's not that we didn't have any picture at all. Just that doesn't justify the greatness of the Ferrari World. So much more inside..! 

Thanks for reading. Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.


  1. woahh bestnya dapat naik ferarri ;) tersangat kiut!

    1. Tu kalu tak sakit gigi, tak tau la, dear... :)

  2. seronoknyaaa...kalo x sakit gigi mau takmo balik dia... :)

    1. Hurmmm.. Sekali kita plak sakit kepala tunggu dia puas hati pusing litar, beb! ^_^

  3. Amboi junior, mesti happy dpt naik ferrari kan!


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