Hot Sunday Wedding

Salam. How was your weekend? Hope it was enjoyable, really. Mine revolved around family matters, marital affairs to be exact ~ an engagement and a wedding back to back.
Here are two pictures I feel like sharing.
It was a wonderful down to earth wedding but packed with love and hearts and souls...
The bride was so happy, forever smiling ear to ear ever so generously. Well.. obviously having a blast, just like her sister did the previous day on her engagement. I was happy as well, looking at how happy they were.

The weather was so bright all day long, which was a blessing to everybody. So bright that I couldn't take my shades off, being a 'vampire' in every possible way. Lots of other guests were seen wearing shades themselves, so much of the heat. I was having flu actually but never mind, managed to survive the ceremony pretty well. How I wish I didn't look that pale without any lipstick on. Quite an awful 'lipstick eater', as always. Then again, no one's fault but mine. Who asked not to do some touch-up first before snapping any photos? Hurmmmm...

~ That's all, folks. Bye... Assalamu'alaikum.


  1. skrg ni musim org kawin/ yg best sbb dpt makan kenduri :D

    1. Bak kata sorang kawan, musim 'mengawan'.. ^_^ ye la, kita hadir meraikan, memeriahkan... Sambil mengenyangkan pewot... ;)

  2. just enjoy the wedding and pray for their hapiness.....most of all eat as much as u can wakkakakakakkakakaka

    1. Very much so, yeah.. ^_^ mentangkedaros, eh? Heheh.


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