And She Got Engaged... A Day Before Her Sister's Wedding

Salam. I seldom go to engagement ceremonies, next to never, it seems. So today was one of the few moments recorded. An immediate cousin of Junior's dad, she's obviously another looker among the big families. A brainy beautiful young lady. Really love her outfit and make-up. She stayed up till 3 am last night, she said.. finishing up all the necessary things for her engagement day.  

The ceremony was simple and straight forward. She's now a bride to be whose wedding is a few more months ahead ~ Just around the corner. She looked very vibrant and happy, which was plain and of course, glad to see. Her mom, whom we call Mak Long was struggling, though... must have been missing the recently passed away husband. Understandable, really.  

We will be back to this house again tomorrow. This time is gonna be the cousin's eldest sister's wedding ceremony. Let's call it a pre-wedding and real wedding ceremonies back to be, shall we? I'm sure Mak Long will have to be much stronger tomorrow, for the emotion is sure gonna be much bolder. Especially during the aqad nikah ceremony and the du'a afterwards...

That's all for now. Thanks for reading, appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
Enjoy your weekend and bye for now.
Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.


  1. Cantik ya...suka tgk org2 skrg make up utk engagemnt n wedding...sweet je kan.. :-)
    Moga jodoh berpanjangan...ameeenn

    1. Ye la, kak.. Dulu x ramai org blajar make-up.. Mcm2 kursus skrg ada.. Untung org skrg. Ameeeeen... Mudah2an gitu la .. Panjang jodoh mrk.


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