Defeated By Cinnamon and Rock Salt

Salam. I've been looking for a spa with resdung (sinusitis) facial nearby my place. Quite some time already, now that my friend whose place I've been getting treatment at has been closed. Then I decided to try Yoyoy Kamphora Spa in Melawati Square. The candles that they used didn't have much smoke, which was a pleasant in every way. I decided to try the aftermath Herbs Mask, which apparently made from a mixture of cinnamon. Alien to my skin, I felt like crying and my face was burning tremendously, it seemed. What came next did make me cry and shout: Rock Salt Scrub. Oh My God! Never before I felt so hurt while doing facial. 

It took me two days not to appear red-faced. That's a detriment for someone with extra sensitive skin like me. It was back to normal on the third day, though. Alhamdulillah. True to what has been told, my face felt much 'lighter' after all the reddening process. 

Then again, I do want to repeat my sessions there, actually. Minus the herbs mask AND the rock salt scrub, of course. Definitely loved the massage that the therapist did to my shoulders and face areas. And I particularly look forward to trying the 'Sunnah Cupping' (Bekam Sunnah) as been suggested by the spa owner, a beautiful hijabi. I heard it's gonna be good for my chronic resdung problem.       

Would blog more about this thing later. Until then, sayonara. Much love, Nai @ TPJ.


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