Arabian Cruise & Tooth Ache Blues

Salam. December last year we went to Abu Dhabi, some of you might still remember. The following day after the adrenaline Desert Safari, we went to the Ferrari World and summed up the night with the Arabian Cruise. 

Just like the Desert Safari, the cruise was dominated by tourists, most of whom were Europeans. I could see how the ladies dressed ever so elegantly and felt a little bit out of league. But never mind, I wouldn't trade my sweater with their tubes/neckline dresses or would've shivered to death. Winter breeze was too much for me at night.

Pity Junior, he suffered from toothache that it took him a great deal of patience and tolerance not to ruin his parents' lovely time. I loved him so much for that, the sensitivity he'd always had even at such a tender age never failed to warm my heart. When he couldn't take it, he'd just lie down and tried to sleep, not that he was sleepy anyways.

Look at his right cheek, a little bit swollen.. We had to give him some pain relief every now and then. That night he couldn't really eat much, unlike the dinner he savored the night earlier in the desert. Poor him, the food was fabulously superb. He just had his orange juice, which actually worsened the pain. But at least he could drink..

So the next day we headed home. Back to reality, eh? And I brought Junior to the dentist, who gave him pain killers and germs gargle. Then the bad tooth was duly removed a few days afterwards. 

He said he wanted to go there again, with his best buddies (of our family friends), with whom we traveled to most countries together. Well, I hope he'd be able to do that soon... ^_^

Thanks for dropping by, really appreciate it. Until next time, Sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.


  1. abu dhabi!! cantiknya..makanan mesti lazat2!

    1. Nasi Arab dia, you.. Mcm nak tersandar makan. Balik sini semer jd payau, sebab dah rasa yg original recipe punya.. Tak patut, tak patut..! ;)

  2. The adventures have begun - so open up all you senses and enjoy and collect the memories from Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

  3. Toothache is worst pain for human.How this little boy control him?Toothache swallow change you face.
    Desert safari


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