The Adrenaline Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

 Salam. What I loved most about Abu Dhabi's trip was the Desert Safari. 
Adrenaline to the core. 

There were two groups of us in the jeep, 'representing' Britain and Malaysia. And the driver was from Pakistan. That made us a bunch of colonies, don't you think? A commonwealth group of peeps. LOL.

The SUV jeep

The driver was crazily a pro. Been doing it almost a decade, he said.

The pro driver was amused by a silly me, who was 'afraid' of the camels.

The winter had just started. I for once didn't have any idea the weather was gonna be freezing in the desert! Subhanallah.. Luckily I made a point of putting on a long john underneath. Or else I'd have turned into frost or something.

At the top of the desert we could see the moon at one end and the sun at the other.
I mean, how awesome could that be?

What a breathtaking view there in the desert. Masya Allah.

The sun set ever so beautifully upon us. Mesmerizing. What a privilege to have seen it.

Our fast-friends from Britain

The joyride took us to a remarkable 'oasis' further up. The food was ridiculously marvelous. Even the dates were out of this world. So delicious that I couldn't stop eating. I didn't really like the belly dancing segment but loved the music that they played nonetheless. Other tourists of course seemed to enjoy the shaking of the bon bon thing very much. I was the only hijabi but still the dancer persistently invited me on stage. She looked upset when I kept saying no politely. I did lots of head shaking for her, each and every time she approached me to join her. Well, she could shake her body all night long but all I was shaking was my head. LOL.

 It was such a lovely experience of a lifetime. Mere thought of it still made me smile. The memories lingered. Would definitely go again one day. For more info, log on  here

That's all for now, folks. Thanks for dropping by.
Much love, TPJ.

* Here's a picture or two of the dancing group:-


  1. TPJ ni trip sbb keja ke pi bercuti...
    sejuk ek...g ingat kt padang pasir ni panas semataa...

    1. Yes my dear.. Sejuk. TPJ pon x tau winter kat desert sejuk... Menggigil2, wpon mcm panas je cuaca. Hala ke malam, mcm nak kiok ai kesejukan.

  2. Dearrrr... akak tengah plan nak wat trip group ke sini. nak main desert2 ni.. best ye.. how about yr accommodation?...

    1. Best kak.. Accomodation kat UAE yg TPJ tau hotel je ler, sebab time tu singgah kejap je, transit kat Abu Dhabi. Nanti kita try google kot ada homestay..

  3. Asben lama keja kat Abu dhabi...tapi kak su....sekali pun x pernah sampai...
    Best rupanya....

    1. Desert Safari paling best. Night Cruise pon ok. Tapi banyak yg lagi suka Ferarri World. Belt lom sampai?

  4. Replies
    1. Agreed.. Majestic. Can't wait to be there again!

  5. I agree about your experience ,regarding Abu Dhabi Desert Safari
    has its own charm like their festivals too......

    1. It's quite funny, though.. All the guys who dress like Arabs are all Indians or Pakistanis.

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  7. Desert Safari is the best tourist place on Earht.I appreciate the place of Safari to become a beautiful place.
    Desert safari


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