From Sydney With Love

Salam. Got so much to share with you guys about my trip to Australia. So it'd be in random order, not necessarily begin with Melbourne or end with Sydney.  Our delegation was a bunch more in Sydney, for all of us were meant to attend the Advanced Mediation Course there.  

Arrived in Sydney Airport: Reported to Mom and Checked On Junior

We went to the University of Sydney, to witness the "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry". So much of a Harry Potter fan, right? Even though I'm not really into Harry 
Potter's movies, I fell in love with the buildings there. Simply gorgeous to bits.

Hurmm... me and props. Just ignore the fact that the cones were so dirty. One of the Uni students whom I became friends with said, they'd surely wash the cones after this. *wink *wink.

Before that we went to Darling Harbour. The scenery was superb. We didn't have much time to catch the cruise yet, so that would have to wait a bit. So we just enjoyed what was within our sights. And took loads of pictures.With various styles, of course. Hehehe.

I didn't even bother to go inside the Sydney Opera House. Well, didn't really have moods to climb the stairs, to begin with. But I did make one round of walks end to end. 

As we went about the compound, some of us took time to read each and every note of compliments that have been left by the visitors.  

And there were loads of advertisements of the ongoing and upcoming events in the Opera House as well.

I never thought I would be in Sydney, for all I've ever wanted to visit has always been the Gold Coast. But I enjoyed every bit of it nonetheless. Especially the cruise, about which I'm gonna blog soon. Until then, thanks for reading this. Love you for that.

Yours truly,

~ Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. bila lah masa nya nak ke aussie ni ek??...indon je lah nampak nya.. heee

    1. Kalu tak sebab keja, ntah bila nak sampai OZ sebenarnya, kak.. Tak masuk dlm wish list pon, boleh? Hehehe. Tapi dah sampai sana, mmg nak pergi lagi lps ni, bwk anak & kalu ada rezki, family..

    2. INSYALLLAH...satu2 tpt kalau dah menarik minat kita tu mau kita ulang dan ulang lagi.

  2. ni mampu ke indon jelah.
    tp ada niat jugak nak ke belah2 negara omputih.
    bestnya suasana sana.

    1. Kalu nak kira best, lagi best kat Padang & Bandung, sebenarnya. Cuma ye la, kat negara omputih cuacanya lain la kan.. Ni pon sebab keja, kalu tak susah nak sampai..

  3. seronoknyaa TPJ...
    g tak pernah gi obersea lg...

    1. Ala Gee.. Kalu nak pegi, mmg kena ada sebab yg kukuh.. Sebab kul 430pm kedai semer dah tutup, melangut je kita kat bilik. Baik gi tempat yg happening, dan murah utk kita berbelanja, mcm Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kemboja...


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