Welcome Aboard Ramadan Airlines

Salam. Juma'ah Barakah dear friends and readers. I've been very much tied up lately. With loads of things. I might not be able to blog much for the next few days, for I've gotta be 'out of coverage', literally speaking. By the time I'm available, Ramadan would already begin. Not that it matters to you, but I'd definitely make a point of saying hi and bye one way or another occassionally. When I've got time.

Anyways, come Ramadan, come. You've been so dearly missed. And like most Ramadans, I'd most probably be wearing abayas on daily basis. It's like a habit, actually. Last year my mom came back from taraweeh and asked me why did I leave the saff I first settled in? I was like, how did you notice, mom? She said, well that's easy.. You were the only one who wore abaya in the crowd. Yeah, true. Among those Muslimahs in white praying outfits, stood a lady in black or beige or printed abaya, who happened to be her daughter. But another thing struck my mind and softened my heart: the fact that mom had obviously been watching me from wherever she might sit. Once a mom, alwiz would be. And I would always be her little girl forever. Hurmmm... I know and I understand the feeling, now that I'm a mom.

Iftar ~ Last Ramadan

Anyways, abayas are super comfy and heavenly easy to wear in Ramadan, especially. Why? Easy to do your prayers. I don't have to bring along any 'Telekung' or 'Mukena' or any other kind of praying outfits. Off I go to work and to the mosque in between. It's a peace of mind. The same case with maxi dresses. Now that I've owned several maxi dresses, I'd of course interchangeably wear them with abayas during Ramadan. Especially for tarawikh prayers. Insya Allahu Ta'ala.

Being ME Conference

I wish all the best to you guys. Let's welcome Ramadan with joy and happiness. Thank you Allah, for giving us the opportunity to embrace the holliest month of all the months once again. Do Grant us health, wealth and imaan. Ameen...

Until next time, do take care. Thanks for being with me. Love you for that.
Yours truly, TPJ.


  1. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan ya TPJ...

    skrg tgh busy ya...bila nk gi OT tu?

  2. Juma'ah Mubarak
    Hope this Ramadan bring lots of blessings for us.Amen.

    1. Yes, dear.. Let's cherish Ramadan together. Ameen to your du'a..

  3. As salam TPJ,

    May Allah forgive all of our sins and save us from bad habits. Wish you a happy blessed month of Ramadan. Happy Ramadan! :))

  4. tak sabar menunggu ramadhan tiba...beberapa hari je lagi :)

    1. Bulan mulia mcm tu la, dear.. Dirindui + dinanti2kan..

  5. Ramadhan mubarak :)
    i followed you,follow back please.


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