The Offensive 'Stinky' King

Salam. Have you tasted Durian before? Well, at least you must have heard of its offensiveness, I'm pretty sure of that. I guess it's the only king that stinks. Or even dubbed as smelly socks, or worst, cat's shit (?). And it's strictly forbidden on board any plane, train or other public transportations whatsoever. Plus, a big No Entry at any hotel premises. Check it out here.

Seriously, as exotic as it is, most peeps would make a point of trying. For the sake of curiosity, at the very least, if not adventure. 
But some take a challenge of offering such infamous exotic Durian as one of ice cream flavors. Click here

Well, not a problem to me. Not at all. In fact, I love Durian to bits. Just like most of Asians do. 
Ice cream or not, it doesn't even matter. We eat it on its own, baby..! Raw. Fresh. Stinky or not, king or not, Durian is our lifetime favorite fruit.

Two of my BFFs & I were having supper @ Hatyaai

Which reminds me of durians in Hatyaai, Thailand. The way they served the 'Pulut Durian' was just mind-blowing, I tell you. I mean, as we 'speak' I'm dying to have it NOW. 
Hurmm... wishful thinking. May be it's about time to arrange another group tour there.

I leave you with an evergreen song about durian in Perak dialect. 
It's basically describing how durian season could bring fortune to the villagers who own durian orchards. Like, old folks wanna use the money to go to Hajj and the young men wanna use it to get married to their sweethearts. Yeah, sort of. Old school thing. When life was still basic and simple.

So, should you guys happen to visit Malay archipelago countries, don't forget to have a bite or two of this offensive 'stinky' king of fruit by the name of durian.

With that, I bid farewell. Thanks for being with me.
Much love, TPJ.


  1. the best ever esp kampung punya.. walla weii..

    1. Agreed. Last month my brother brought us that kinda breed from an orchard in Batang Kali. Kecik2 tapi isi nye I cakap U.... Pergh...!

  2. hehe g tak makan durian mentah...durian yg dh diproses je leh masuk tekak....ntah hape2 ntah..hehee

    1. Standard la tieww.. Ada plak yg terbalik, depa bleh mkn yg mentah je, yg daa diproses tak suka. Myself, either way layaaaaanz...

  3. duiran buah kegemaran forever
    3 bijik sekali gus mkn pun no hal ;P
    jenis apa pun tak apa asal nama durian mmg suka!

    lagu os tu best ;)

    1. Ouch! 3 je ker? Heheh... Mantap la u ni, sis... Lagu Os tu mmg best, x pnh jemu mendengor..

  4. aaaaah I like that Annoying Orange! my fav character :D

    1. Hehee. You should see Orange vs Rambutan. I laughed and laughed and laughed...!


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