Abaya Make-Over and A New Friend

Salam. I have quite a number of black abayas in my closet for quite a number of years.
Never before I styled any of them like I did in these pictures:

I layered it with a yellow chiffon slit sleeves top from vintagebiri2

Couldn't find an image of yellow one

Fade Purple Chiffon Printed Hijab | Silver Belt | Off-White Handbag |  Pink Pumps

I wore this when I went to meet a fellow blogger, Mama Gee.

It's good to make new friends, especially when we have so much in common, like both of us.
I believe in a friendship in the name of God, full of sincerity. Spread love and kindness so that the world shall be a much better place to live in. 

I leave you with what Ibn Abbas used to say: 
“No one may taste true faith except by this (i.e. building relationships for Allah’s sake), even if his prayers and fasts are many. People have come to build their relationship around the concerns of the world, but it will not benefit them in any way.”
Thanks for dropping by, readers and friends. Love you for that.
Yours truly, TPJ.


  1. Kalo TPJ tak bgtau pakai Abaya...ai pun tak tau..hehee..
    Pas raya kita jumpa kt Kl plak ya.... :)

    1. Tapi kan bila pakai camtu jadi senteng sket abaya tuh.. Lepas raya kat KL? Owh, bisa...

    2. YUP..TURN G LAH PLAK TURUN SANA... {Eh sory tercapslock}
      tp kalo g turun kl ari sabtu TPJ free je??
      Hari biasa tu mmg payahlah nk ke kl..

    3. heheheeh mmg kenalah dgn namanya tu....

    4. Itu la sebabnya blog ni dinamakan Tak Pe Je.. ai selalu sebut perkataan tu.. ;)

  2. ini yg best dunia blog.
    bila mana boleh bertemu sahabat baru :D

    1. Betul.. Lebih2 lg kalu jenis dan spesis yg serupa.. Heheh..

  3. Perfect ..
    we all should prepare for that ONE DAY !

    1. Hi there dear raiha, can't agree more with you. Thanx for dropping by and leaving your sweet thought.

  4. akak ada sorang fren yang punya faith to ALLAH.. SUBHANALLAH.. i learn alots...

  5. kreatif la sis..boleh jadi inspiration untuk saya jugak :)


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