Pangkor: Never Say Goodbye Island

 Salam. Apart from Langkawi Island in Kedah, I've always loved Pangkor Island in Perak. But the latter is somewhat much easier to go, being only three and a half hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur all the way to Lumut Jetty. From there we took Ferry Shuttle to Pangkor Island. What a lovely way to start off the New Year 2012. Yeah, this thing took place in the first week of January.

Magnificent view @ Kota Belanda
We chose a cozy and beautiful guest house called the Princess Homestay at Kota Belanda. It was a family trip of 11, from the family members' monthly contributions. We fell in love with the homestay instantly, especially the balcony. We even had our incredible BBQ there.
When everyone else was sleeping, I was still at the balcony facing the sea, enjoying Ombak Rindu soundtrack @ It was da bomb for me, even though I'd been to Pangkor more than twice beforehand. Staying in the hotel was no way closer to the serenity I felt there in the cozy guest house.

The Famous Sea-View Balcony
Some of us...
The activities just revolved around the sand and the beach, since we only had weekend to spend.
So we skipped the Mini Great Wall and the historical Dutch Fort remains. Volley-ball, speed-boat, swimming.. all day long.

Lifetime Fave Ice-cream ~ Lemon Vanilla
Didn't plan to get into the water actually, hence the stylo mylo outfit.
Never get tired of water

The Sand Boy
Junior was having a blast
Even mom couldn't resist the gorgeous beach
We were in the water until the sun set in the west.
At night we had our BBQ at the balcony, facing the sea and feeling the breeze. Can't show you more pictures, unfortunately ~ due to non-mahram thingy, as you guys know. We even re-grilled some untouched BBQ things the next morning and ate them with home-made fried noodles. What a bliss!

Then we headed to town for some shopping, before returning our rented cars at the nearby jetty.
As usual, Mr. 'Wholesaler' took charge to buy Bilis Mata Biru, Sotong Kering, Ikan Talang Kering, Ikan Talang & Tenggiri Jeruk, etc etc etc... May Allah Bless him. The others browsed the town for some souvenirs to bring home.

Mom & her eldest daughter + only grandson (so far)
Mom & her 2nd son
Mom & her youngest daughter
Mom & her youngest son
From Lumut Jetty, we picked up our cars that had been parked nearby and drove back to Kuala Lumpur. The loading and unloading area at Lumut Waterfront was packed with loads of local and international visitors. Cuti-Cuti Malaysia....

Loading time

It was such a wonderful budget vacation. With not even RM50.00 monthly contribution, each and every one of us had the opportunity to have a blast in Pangkor Island. Altogether we hardly spent more than RM1,000++. Alhamdulillah.. Next time we're going, my brother the (family) Master-Chef Mie, whose wedding would be after Eid-ul-Fitri would bring along his wife, Insya Allah. 

Mom & her eldest Master-Chef son
Hurmm.. I could never say bye-bye to Pangkor Island. It's always gonna be Hi....
That's all, folks. Thanks for still being around. Means the world to me.

Much love, TPJ. 


  1. sonoknyaaaa! been there once, long time ago...Masa tu stay kt Pantai Bogak eh ke Cenang? Selalu compuse nama pantai nih...hehee

    Suka laut sgt2...dah setahun tak pi vacation...aduhh hati meronta2 nk pi...takpe sabar2 skit masa lg...

    1. Gee, masa tu kami duk kat Kota Belanda, tapi xde la jauh sgt dgn Cenang. Mysef pon suka laut dan pantai, most vacations pon kat pulau2. Xpe, tak lama dah tu.. Bleh la pegi cuti2 Malaya.

    2. hehe pembetulaN TPJ Pantai Pasir Bogak kt Pangkor..Cenang kt Langkawi....hehe

    3. Haa.. Bagus ler tu.. Sampai myself pon dah tertukor.. Hahahah.. Timakasih betulkan..


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