Being ME (Muslimah Empowered) Conference ~ A Wonderful & Tearful Event

Salam. Now I wanna share with you guys about Being ME (Muslimah Empowered) Conference that took place on Saturday, 30th day of June the year of 2012. This franchise of sisters only event by Mercy Mission was the debut in Malaysia. It received such an overwhelming response that 2,000 sisters showed up and there were not enough seats. Thanks to capable hands and feet of the committee, things got handled smoothly. Alhamdulillah. Congrats and a round of applause...!

So, it was such a packed event altogether, with sisters and programs respectively. It was so obvious when you see the toilets and praying rooms flooded with sisters all over Matrade Exhibition Centre. I even decided to pray at a secluded corner nearby the toilet, where they stored loads of tables or something. A few sisters came and asked me how on earth I knew the qiblat direction? I smiled and showed them the above map from my beloved device. They followed suit afterwards, using the same hiding place of mine. 

So, what's the program like?




30TH JUNE 2012


10:0010:15Qur'an RecitationSharifah Kasif
10:1510:30Opening PerformanceADNIPoem Monologue (Turning the Tide by Suma Din)
10:3010:50Welcome SpeechSheikh Tawfique ChowdhuryWelcome to BeingME
10:5011:05Welcome SpeechYasmin MogahedFree From All Other Masters, Empowering Women
11:3511:50Session 2Sheikh Yahya IbrahimAchieving Balance - Inside Out
12:2012:35Entertainment 1Kamal Uddin
12:3512:55Entertainment 2Muslimah Attire Show 1Non-Mahram Segment

12:551:00Dzuhr & Lunch Break
2:002:15Session 3Myriam CerrahThe importance of role models – why do we need them?
2:453:00Session 4Dr.Fadila GrineThe Power of Change
3:303:45Session 5Dr.Halima BoukerrouchaMuslim Women and the Ummah; Reality and Challenges
4:154:30Entertainment 3Kamal Uddin
Madinah Centre Launching
4:304:45Asar Break
5:005:15Session 6Myriam CerrahDo we need Islamic feminism?
5:456:00Session 7Sheikh Yahya IbrahimInside Out - Nurturing our Soul
6:306:45Session 8Yasmin MogahedThe Greatest Love of All : Do We Really Love Allah Most?
7:157:30Maghrib & Dinner Break

Muslimah Awards
8:008:15Entertainment 4Muslimah Attire Show 2Mahram Segment
8:158:30Session 9Sheikh Tawfique ChowdhuryBeing an Exampilary Muslimah
9:009:15Token of Appreciation to Speakers

9:159:30Session 10Q&A
10:0010:30Closing speechSheikh Tawfique Chowdhury
10:3010:45Closing & Qur'anAtikah Amin

What a day it was, Subhanallah... I can never thank my sister enough for asking me to go to this conference along with her. Worth every breath that I took, every step that I made. 

The beautiful Sharifah Khasif was first to take the stage as the 'entertainer', with her awesome voice and expertise in the Qur'an qiraat & tarannum.

Among The Reasons I Decided To Attend Being ME ~ My Fav Qari'ah.
The moment she started 'Bismillah...' I was already out of the main hall, so to speak. Something in her pretty face that choked me. She recited the verses of the Qur'an with heart, not only with awesome voice. As she went along, I just couldn't stop crying. She finished off with surah al-Ikhlaas, which was read in a few different tarannum styles. And little that I knew, the tears was in fact more to come throughout the day.

Sister Raya Shokatfard sent me down with fever when her tremendously emotional documentary of 'My Journey Back To Islam' was shown. I felt her. I loved her. And was happy for her and her son, for finally finding a place they loved to stay, Langkawi Island. A place I've always loved and frequently visited as well. She cried openly and so did I. My pink hijab was my tissue and towel.

Then Sister Yasmin Mogahed swept my feet away with her two speeches, where her second left me drained. The whole main hall was hypnotized, literally speaking. The Greatest Love of All - Do We Love Allah The Most? 

Her words kept ringing at the back of my head:

~ Love is like a lawsuit. It requires evidence.
~ How to stay away from the harams and Allah's preserved? Through rectifying our hearts.
~ All that we can keep in the hands is a gift. 
~ A gift is not one's air or life. 
~ The problem begins when we keep the gifts in the heart and God in the hand.
~ It's easy to let go what we keep in the hands, but what we keep in the heart is something we can't live without.
~ The thing that we love most more than God is the one that kills us.

Astaghfirullahal 'azeem...

Dr. Fadila Grine took the stage with her speech 'The Power to Change'. It really hit me when she narrated a story about a woman who'd been threatened by her husband to make her life miserable and the brave woman said, "No. You cannot make me miserable. Happiness is in my heart, which is in the hands of Ar-Rahmah, to which you don't have an access". 


So much so that this conference touched the deepest floor of my soul, I didn't have any desire to at least enjoy all those beautiful clothes the stalls had to offer outside the hall. But I enjoyed my time with my lil sister after almost a decade or so since our last quality time together. She loved this conference so much. Being someone who grew up most of her tender age in the UK, she always faced difficulties to adapt with most of the mainstream Muslim 'scholars' in Malaysia, no offence intended. I don't blame her, coz I share the same feelings, even though I've always been here. The approach DOES make major difference, actually. Hikmaah or Wisdom was one of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)'s prophethood attributes, after all. When the approach is right, the message would be absorbed like a sponge.

Was I duly empowered? Well, I was darn inspired, that's crystal clear. Imaan has ups and downs, it's in the nature bestowed upon us for human is not like Angels. The name Insan (human) itself comes from the root word of Nasa-a  (forgetful). Thus, we should always be constantly reminded. Same goes with me. Really look forward to attending this annual conference again and again. Insya Allahu Ta'ala.

That's all for now, folks. I know it's a long entry, but thanks for still being with me right up till the end. Love you for that. Until next time, Assalamu'alaikum.

Yours truly, TPJ.


  1. thank you for this, awesome post !! I wish I had been there to attend the event especially all the amazing conferences!

    X shay

    1. No sweat, Shay dearie.. Thanks for liking it. Come and join us next year.. Check out for updates in They're gonna have the same thing in Canada this coming October, actually..

  2. seronoknya kalo leh pergi.. g pun perlukan inspirasi spt ini...hik2

  3. thank you for sharing.. that time ada event lain tak dapat join. rugi..

    1. no problem.. next time join la, ya..? timakasih singgah & komen sekali..

    2. lenkali kalo dtg putrajaya leh ajak wawa join sekali...wawa pun duk putrajaya juga..ada gak plan nk g malu le...wawa tu sgt gojess dan sytlo....

    3. No hal, the more the merrier kata org Melaka. Kita berkawan bukan kerna paras roooopaa... Hehehe. Wawa gojes lagi stylo, kita tumpang bangga...

  4. Alhamdulillah, glad you felt you benefited from the event! And I knew it! I knew mesti semua orang cried during Raya Shokatford's documentary... I heard lots of sobbing and saw lots of tissue coming out hehe. It was very touching right? Subhana Allah. What a journey.

    1. Yes, dear.. Can't wait for more to come. Positive feedbacks and impacts on everyone, I guess.. Hope to see you next year there! ;)


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