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WW - Malaysian Flavours


- Nai at Tak Pe Je.

The Dress Code

Assalamu'alaikum. Life is full with codes that you might hate but can't live without anyways, one of which is called (working) Dress Code. I don't hate my working dress code, don't get me wrong. It's just that monochrome can be so boring for those who prefer colorful outfits like I do. There are some points of time that I would choose either a white or black blouse to be paired with a black skirt. Sometimes I would rather wear a black and white baju kurung or plain black abaya/dress. So when I can put some colors on, I really do it with a blunt vengeance, if you know what I mean.

There's even a friend of mine who has got tired of wearing blouses and skirts that she has opted for one-piece black dress, be it plain or with prints. Can't blame her, for I truly know what she's suffered from in the first place. So together we splash some bright colors when it comes to handbags, purses or even handbag organizers. And she has gone a little further by ensuring t…

Home Organizing Marathon

Assalamu'alaikum.  Dear friends, how's your weekend so far? I hope you guys are in the pink of health,  Insya Allah.  Today I'm gonna share with you my organizing project that has yet to be fully accomplished. It's like a non-stop and never ending marathon, really. It's all my own doings, so I can't complain to myself, now can I? 
1- On The Top of The Closet
I mean, it's a good thing we have any available space to utilize, so why must we ignore our closet top then? I decided to store my clutches that I seldom use anyways inside a cute multi-purpose stool and some travel kits that my other half would always wanna grab for outstations inside another box next to it. Those two identical boxes are used to keep my monthly best friends for menstruation and the fact that they are transparent would gimme instant alarm when to refill should they show any shortage of supplies. While the clearer and bigger box at their back is used to keep my additional facial cottons.


Ne Me Quitte Pas, Nina Simone, Starbucks and I

Assalamu'alaikum. I was early for hot latte at Starbucks today, even the workers there smiled at me knowingly. When asked, I simply said that I was expecting someone for a meeting. I actually fell asleep for a few seconds I guess, when my phone rang ever so loudly. Thank God I hadn't forgotten not to leave it silent, or else I would have just dozed off like there's no tomorrow. 

Then after that person left, I still took my sweet time over the remainder of my lovely latte, which was cold already. When I was about to leave, there was one killer song on the surround sound system that kept me afloat. It was Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don't Leave Me) by Nina Simone. And I was well, carried away.

Yeah, who loves to be left by loved ones, huh?
Will always be around for you, though. Take care now.. Bye. Assalamu'alaikum.
- Nai at Tak Pe Je.

Natural Mosquito Repellent

Assalamu'alaikum. Last week I came across a post in the FB about using a half sliced lime with cloves on top to fight mosquitos at home but I didn't really get myself to dwell on it that much, though the thought was rather intriguing. But when my other half popped that out last night, I was all for it. I mean, why not? But since we didn't have limes left at home,  I used lemon instead and call me lunatic, it worked instantly and I am not even exaggerating! For a house so madly full with mosquitos despite whatsoever repellents used all this while, the very fact that any method as simple as lemon-cloves thingy did actually work (instantly!) was quite a mouth gaping, really. I have yet to experiment as to how long a slice would give the same impact, so bear with me please. Meantime, how about giving it a shot some time soonest? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, right? ^_^

That's it for now. Take care and enjoy your weekend ahead! Assalamu'alaikum.
- Nai a…

Lady In The Mirror, An Optical Illusion

Assalamu'alaikum. It was quite havoc today In the afternoon that I only noticed the sheerness of my new black abaya at the petrol pump when I dismounted the car to refill gas. So the first thing I did afterwards was to drive to the nearest department store and get myself a pair of new tights before heading to the musolla and later on lunch, followed by an appointment with a client. And the fitting rooms were as vacant as a desert that I couldn't help taking my own pictures overlooking the mirrors. Yeah, I immediately wore the tights underneath the abaya upon ka-ching, as you could figure. Then only I felt safe and sound to walk about. 

Gliding. Floating. Flying. Call it what you want. It's quite a remarkable optical illusion, I reckon.

The maxi shawl that I got from the Hong Kong's Lady Market looked very chic together with the electric pink ninja from Sugarscarf and the black abaya from Jordan. I was pleased with the ensemble, to say the very least. And the appointment …

WW - When Boredom Hit Hard

WW Time! 

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.

Shower Curtain For Closet Part 2

Assalamu'alaikum. HERE I was recorded to post on my organizing passion and recently HERE I remember sharing with you about my postponed DIY. So today I finally managed to go to the nearest DIY hardware and bag myself two expandable rods to complete the project that had to be temporarily postponed previously. The ones that without the supporting brackets must be put aside as of now until the need arises, that is. 
Here are my two closets aftermath: 

Now that the curtains are there, I don't have any problem whatsoever to wrap my handbags with dust bags. I just couldn't bear looking at the sight so plainly exposed, just couldn't! 
And his section has also been taken care of, but of course - so that the coats won't suffer that much anymore from unnecessary amount of dust. I might wanna however replace the shower curtains with some other fabrics and styles some time in the future, that I'm certain. But for now they look just fine and most importantly, organ…

Morning People Shines In The Morning

Assalamu'alaikum. Are you a morning or a night person or something in between? I for once would vote for morning person, actually for I just don't know how to sleep other than at night. You know, some people can sleep at any given time of the day and still sleep at night pretty easily. But I have gotta kiss my night goodbye should I fall asleep during the day, especially after Asar prayer. How to spot a morning person, then? See if he or she smiles much in the morning, especially the first quarter of the morning. Hehehhe. At least that's how I tend to know from my observation. For ladies, see if they do much selfies in the morning, then you judge from there. A rebuttable theory, of course but not entirely false either.. ;)

Anyways, today I still have to wear monochrome outfit with a little trick, though. I layered my semi sheered white blouse with a peacock blue inner, which gives some color to it and when I roll the sleeves upward, it makes my life much less dull. But when…

Shower Curtain For Closet

Assalamu'alaikum. How are you guys doing? Back to work after wonderful weekend isn't something most peeps are looking for to begin with, but who says life is easy, right? Anyways, I've been contemplating to replace my duly removed closet doors with some sort of curtains, most likely ready made curtains for quite some time now. Yeah, it would be nice to have similar one like the following picture I took from google but anything decent would do for now.

Then I finally found what suited my preference and budget last night at the nearby department store but they were however in the form of shower curtains, which somehow would serve the designated purpose. I got myself the matching rods and end caps but why oh why there wasn't any rod bracket left? Urghh....!! Never mind, would have to either postpone the DIY project until I could go to find them after work today or find an alternative solution to the whole bracket thingy. Be patient, Nai, for once please be patient..

Monochrome Day In Day Out

Assalamu'alaikum. Yesterday was very challenging, in fact the most challenging day by far in my career when I had to witness such an uproar situation before my own eyes that my hands were visibly shaking next to my client. Thank God I managed to somehow think, react and speak accordingly so as to take things under control in the midst of such chaos. It was very draining emotionally, without any slightest doubt. So relieved that it was over for that day, I snapped a picture of my own in the car to frame the moment forever. With the little frown that was evident to see, you wouldn't have guessed what I felt inside..

Anyways, later after Maghrib prayer I gathered with the staffs to celebrate 3 of them who were born in January and February simultaneously. And as usual, it was fun to see them smile over good food and beverage. Here are some pictures to share with you guys..

I really fell in love with this piece of art that I took several photos there before leaving the restaurant. 

I …

WW - A Little Bit of Everything


- Nai at Tak Pe Je.

MyTeksi And Monochrome Day

Assalamu'alaikum. I used MyTeksi app for the first time yesterday and even prebooked it the night before to avoid any overslept situation and unnecessary mishap. Scheduled to arrive at 8.10am, the cabbie who had successfully bidded the call showed up at 8.04am literally at my door and by 8.20am we were already roaming DUKE Highway at Jalan Kuching exit toward the destination. Thanks to the quite smooth traffic flow, we arrived much earlier than the estimated time or as the favorite abbreviation calls it, the ETA. And the fact that the driver was also pleasant was a bonus, really. However, the paranoid me had chosen to keep the gps tracking system on right until the exact arrival time just to feel safe, if you know what I mean. Better be extra careful we ladies, right? But then, we can actually sit back relax and enjoy the ride because the system is ready with the full name of the driver along with the plate registration number of the cab itself, something we call security, eh?

So a…

Casual Saturday - Junior's Corner

Assalamu'alaikum. It was a great Saturday indeed, when I had the chance to really rest before lunch and went out later at 3pm for a cuppa hot latte at Starbucks with my sister and brother. Junior was with us as well, for we wanted to get him some BM text books as well as dictionaries. And of course he got to also pick some comics up, as usual. Here's mommy smiling ever so happily each time in a bookstore, except at the cashier's counter later on. ^_^ 

My sister was kind enough to drive us around in her new car. Here's she with Junior, looking gooood.

And here's me last two weeks when my sister's car was delivered to my porch:

Anyways, it's nice to be driven around at the passenger's seat on Saturday. Nice and easy. Ever so casually. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, dearest friends. Take care. Assalamu'alaikum.
- Nai at Tak Pe Je.

A Relaxing and Relaxed Thursday

Assalamu'alaikum. Hi there, dearest friends. It's been havoc since I resumed working on Tuesday the 4th of February that I thought I could not bite a decent meal in between, it seemed. But today I finally had the time of my week - very early, I may add. I took this golden opportunity to do mani and pedi, restock basic groceries and have my cuppa hot latte with a coissant pudding respectively - in a strict particular order. ;) 

I wish I had someone to snap the full picture of me wearing this very ethnic embroidered abaya from Jordan so that I could share with you guys but yeah, you can't always get what you want the way you want and when you want it. Right? Hence, the 3 selfies came to the rescue. Better than nothing, really. At least I could come up with something to update this blog of mine. Notice the cute shades? Whoaa... My not so secret love as of date! 

See how the shades actually smiled beautifully on my head? Ah. What a sight! Hehehe.

There goes nothing, but at least …

The Weight On Nai's Face

Assalamu'alaikum. How are you guys doing? I've been spending my time in my in-laws for a few days and hence, my lack of updates. And now I happen to declare war with mosquitos under a tree for a good 3G coverage, quite an exotic way to spend public holidays, huh? LOL. Anyways, here's a picture of me locked in a courtroom in Sepang Subordinate Syariah Court. The weight written on my face, do you notice? It had been a rough and hectic day, from Shah Alam early in the morning right until evening in Sepang. And I hadn't taken any decent meal just yet!

Thank God I had gone there with a staff who had been waiting next to a post guard. And again, thank God the guard did manage to get a court staff who was in possession of the relevant keys, who said she was just about to leave the office in no time at all. Phewww...!
After the late session earlier on, I couldn't find any room to pray zuhur in the first place, I explained, so I decided to pray at the corner of the waiting are…