Home Organizing Marathon

Assalamu'alaikum.  Dear friends, how's your weekend so far? I hope you guys are in the pink of health,  Insya Allah.  Today I'm gonna share with you my organizing project that has yet to be fully accomplished. It's like a non-stop and never ending marathon, really. It's all my own doings, so I can't complain to myself, now can I? 

1- On The Top of The Closet

I mean, it's a good thing we have any available space to utilize, so why must we ignore our closet top then? I decided to store my clutches that I seldom use anyways inside a cute multi-purpose stool and some travel kits that my other half would always wanna grab for outstations inside another box next to it. Those two identical boxes are used to keep my monthly best friends for menstruation and the fact that they are transparent would gimme instant alarm when to refill should they show any shortage of supplies. While the clearer and bigger box at their back is used to keep my additional facial cottons.

Come to think of it, I would later laminate the not so smooth plywood with some pretty lace or anything I could think of. Meantime, I'd be just happy with how things look now and the fact that they are much higher than eye-level is an added bonus.

2- Declutter Those Bottles, please..

Do you notice that most available spaces in the kitchen cabinet are causing a big mess when we tend to throw everything at one place? Well, that's why we need to use baskets to declutter those endless bottles or things alike.

3- Stacking Things Up For Tiny Little Space

I guess everybody loves to see things before their eyes, literally in obvious display but often than not space does become a factor. Having this in mind, I decided to stack things up using a tray divider that I got from Daiso for better biscuits, instant noodles and 'keropok keping' storage. In case you don't know, Terengganuans can't live without 'keropok keping' more than 2 weeks. LOL.

4- Fridge Organization

When your fridge is in good ordeal, your life will become less stressful. Here's how I organize mine:

5- Portable Trolley In The Kitchen

I initially wanted to get myself a trolley from Ikea but decided to just redeem my points at Cosway and brought home a much cheaper portable trolley instead. This way those essential things won't go out of stock without me noticing.

6- Budget Toileteries Organization

All my organization by far is budget friendly, not just the toileteries actually. And again, the stacking game is obvious. 

I feel so much relieved now that everything urgent has been duly organized. There are still rooms for improvement and I will keep upgrading my amateur skills from time to time. May you benefit from this post, Insya Allah. Take care and Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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