Morning People Shines In The Morning

Assalamu'alaikum. Are you a morning or a night person or something in between? I for once would vote for morning person, actually for I just don't know how to sleep other than at night. You know, some people can sleep at any given time of the day and still sleep at night pretty easily. But I have gotta kiss my night goodbye should I fall asleep during the day, especially after Asar prayer. How to spot a morning person, then? See if he or she smiles much in the morning, especially the first quarter of the morning. Hehehhe. At least that's how I tend to know from my observation. For ladies, see if they do much selfies in the morning, then you judge from there. A rebuttable theory, of course but not entirely false either.. ;)

Anyways, today I still have to wear monochrome outfit with a little trick, though. I layered my semi sheered white blouse with a peacock blue inner, which gives some color to it and when I roll the sleeves upward, it makes my life much less dull. But when the sun gets very shiny over my head, I feel like stripping everything off! Who says covering auraah in an all-year-round-summer country like Malaysia is easy? ^_^ 

Well, that's all for now. You take care and may Allah Be With you always. Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. tgh musim panas terik ni kena pakai kaler cerah2 klu tidakkkk bleh pitam ;-/

    1. Bayangkan la berkot bagai tgh2 panas terik... Uargh....!!

  2. haaaaaaaa kot aku semua dh simpan dlmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wardrobe kakakakkaka
    tak sesuai rasanya nak pakai kot bagai
    panas wei
    walau hakikatnya aku suka berkot!

    1. Dah wajib kan.. Kalu ada pilihan aku nak je tukar pakai cardigan masa bicara. Heheh


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