MyTeksi And Monochrome Day

Assalamu'alaikum. I used MyTeksi app for the first time yesterday and even prebooked it the night before to avoid any overslept situation and unnecessary mishap. Scheduled to arrive at 8.10am, the cabbie who had successfully bidded the call showed up at 8.04am literally at my door and by 8.20am we were already roaming DUKE Highway at Jalan Kuching exit toward the destination. Thanks to the quite smooth traffic flow, we arrived much earlier than the estimated time or as the favorite abbreviation calls it, the ETA. And the fact that the driver was also pleasant was a bonus, really. However, the paranoid me had chosen to keep the gps tracking system on right until the exact arrival time just to feel safe, if you know what I mean. Better be extra careful we ladies, right? But then, we can actually sit back relax and enjoy the ride because the system is ready with the full name of the driver along with the plate registration number of the cab itself, something we call security, eh?

So anyways, later in the afternoon I car pooled with my BFF to AmCorp Mall and accompanied her to a nail parlour. Here's me doing nothing while waiting for her therapy session (mellowed and carried away by the beautiful set up and romantic selection of instrumental musics). Yeah, me myself and my foolish heart. I would definitely give it a try myself for mani and pedi there next time, after the remarkable experience of my friend and wonderful time accompanying her.

It was a long day for me and I spent some fat few hours over a cuppa latte at my fave Starbucks in the evening when my sister texted me to accompany her shopping for gym attire and a desk fan. See the worn-out face with no make up left? Self-explanatory, I would say. I was still clad in the same monochrome outfit when I had dinner at home afterwards, in fact. A well used outfit of the day, huh? 

There goes nothing, but as usual thanks anyway for dropping by. Love you loads! Assalamu'alaikum

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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