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That Pink Hijabi Again, In Cotton Kurung This Time

Assalamu'alaikum. HERE I used to blog about my cotton baju kurung-to be. My tailor took two months to finish off the order, reason being her mom had been sick and that she had to put me in line. Knowing her and the amount of orders she's been catering I didn't make a scene. Not that I was in a rush anyways. And I wore the pink cutie last Monday with a matching plain shawl. Other than these three selfies, I didn't have any other picture taken, unfortunately.

Anyhow, the cotton proves to be of very good quality. Despite a bit much thicker than its siblings, you won't feel hot wearing it. The only shortcoming to me is that the sleeves will sort of roll up by themselves, showing your arms very easily that you will have to definitely wear arm socks underneath. That will be a bit challenging unless you're forever in aircond areas or cooler climate countries. Other than that, it's simply superb. Especially the fact that it doesn't seem to wrinkle much, which is…

Five Minutes Too Late, Florence... Roma Termini Blues

Assalamu'alaikum. So I lost my purse, but life must go on. Keep smiling. Keep shining. Even if we missed our train to Florence the following day! Yeah, we were like less than 5 minutes late but still late nonetheless. What we did was get the next train to Pisa instead for we had already bought online return tickets from Rome-Florence-Pisa-Rome months before our Europe tour. Since we had about two hours before departure, we went to Trevi Fountain after snapping pictures at the nearest fountain (Naiad Fountain) from Roma Termini. 

Naiad Fountain, Cute Vespa and I.

Trevi Fountain, taken from wikipedia.

Taken from our camera. But of course..! 

They said we should throw coins into the water so that we would come back to Rome someday. Not that I believed any of it but heck, I didn't want that to happen so I didn't throw a dime! (The scar of losing my purse, remember?) 

Then we waited for our train to Pisa at the Termini afterwards. Oh, ya! We had walked to a halal Pizza resto nearby …

The Day Of Bad Luck In Rome

Assalamu'alaikum. It was the 1st day in Rome in our 3rd day of Europe tour. It had been raining from morning when we left the apartment and boarded the Hop On Hop Off bus. I didn't particularly like Rome per se but never knew I was about to have scarred memories there. I'm not gonna throw the hundreds of pictures taken but here are a few worth sharing.

Lessons learned, never ever bring any handbag without zippers while roaming in Rome (or Europe, for that matter). I didn't even know when my purse was taken and only realized it at the Hard Rock Cafe, at the cashier counter, to be exact when I wanted to pay for the merchandise that I picked. That had left me speechless. Spellbounded. Apalled. Confused. Lost. All at once.

Couldn't be here. This time I could still see my black travel purse inside the bag.

Or here at the Vatican City. 

Oblivious to the world around me, I was content and focusing on the tourist guide narrating the stories of the smallest country on earth.


An Organizing Freak Nai

Assalamu'alaikum. So I have a confession to make : I am an organizing freak. Yes I am. It has become more and more obvious, much and much worse as years go by and I have actually come to terms with it by now. Then again, it's not in any way a bad thing in the first place. Yeah some might think it's some sort of an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or in my case as my best friend versed it, Obsessive Compartmentalize Disorder but I beg to differ. It's more to building up a system that gives me (and those around me) a tranquility, peace of mind on a daily basis. It's a mad, mad world we're living in now so if only we could minimize any imaginable and foreseeable unnecessary discomfort, we'd be able to enjoy morning smiles more easily. That's how I view and justify the whole idea, actually.

And I didn't spend more than necessary to get all this system done. All the equipments were bought here and there, which were later on assembled and mix-matched as…

To A Wedding And Back

Assalamu'alaikum. So we had to at least show our faces at some relatives' wedding(s) right? Yeah, that's the least expected by the parents of the brides and/or the grooms, actually. Even if you never really know other than the parents themselves. That's why when we went to a second cousin's wedding recently, we didn't get any picture taken with the bride/groom but the parent instead. I had intended to say hi after eating actually but by then they had already left to prepare for their honeymoon. Well, may be some other time - during eid, perhaps. 

My sister and I took the highway and not the by way to the wedding, together with my son. But when we headed back to KL, my son asked to stay and would rather take a lift with my mom the following day, so that he could play with his cousins and relatives in kampung. So it turned out that my brother Apih joined us, which means that he had to be the driver. I did actually fall asleep most of the way while the pilot and hi…

Souvenir Paradise In Bayswater, London

Assalamu'alaikum. Here's a tip to share with you guys who will visit London some time in near future. Yeah, most first timers would end up buying souvenirs at Oxford Street, of course at some expensive price. Well, from now on do dismount at Queensbay Station and head for Bayswater across the street, shop number 88 to be exact. Look for a Muslim named Shafeek and say hi for me. ;) You won't miss this shop for it's very near from a halal dining restaurant in the street. A definite shopping spree there, I promise and Shafeek would be nice enough to give you buddy buddy price, not to mention a tax free refund or VAT slip.

Loads of Malaysians flock into this shop, especially during winter - a long school holiday for us. Some would be thrilled to exchange smiles or small talks and others just choose not to even have any eye contacts with you whatsoever. They most probably have quite a bad day or run down by the weather, who knows? But as for me, I'd rather choose to smil…

Two Speckies From The Blog

Assalamu'alaikum. We did actually meet in person finally, pheww..! After a few unmatched dates of our tight schedules, hers in particular, that is. She keeps saying that I am humble but little that she knows, she has humbled me to see how humble she is despite who she is and what she has. I'm glad we think alike in so many ways, especially in relation to families and friends and career and passions. She's called ELLY and pictures don't do her justice for she's way a looker in person.  

We are both speckies, which is common in our professions actually and strangers would even think we're related by blood, I guess. Well, at least from my point of view. Anyhow, never mind the delay Elly, it wasn't your fault and it didn't bother me at all for you had taken all the troubles to come down from Bangi in the first place, remember? Let's hope to see more of each other in near future, may Allah Grant our wishes and dreams and good luck to us! 
You guys, thanks …

Selfie, Plane & Eyeing Neighbour

Assalamu'alaikum. Some time in a very long flight..

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.

Big Bad Wolf 2013 - Wee Hour's Madness in MIECC

Assalamu'alaikum. Good morning dear friends, hope you've had a great weekend. Let's brace Monday without the slightest blues whatsoever, shall we? I'm writing this while waiting for Fajar Prayer for I won't guarantee not to miss it if I go back to sleep now. Anyways, the biggest book sale by the name of The Big Bad Wolf is over now, much dismay to many and relief to others. Total madness it was, really. Opened 24 hours from 6th - 15th December, you could actually sleep eat pray there if you chose to. 
It has somehow become a place to see and be seen, a social event to be exact. But anyhow, I'd love to take it positively for at least more and more people are interested in books. Even if some might just have the urge to buy for the sake of buying at totally good bargain, so be it. Some even confessed that they only 'buy books once a year' but at least they do actually buy, right? Whether they read those books or not is none of our business, right? ^_^

I wen…

Smart Casual Friday

Assalamu'alaikum. It turned out that I had been wearing abaya everyday since Monday right until Thursday and ironically decided to appear smart casual on Friday. In fact, I couldn't even remember the last time I wore a pair of slacks with a blouse. Felt a bit nostalgic in a way, for I did that a lot back in the uni. 

Friday was nonetheless just as busy even though I appeared smart casual. The only difference was that I spent the entire day outside and attended one appointment after another at the nearest mall. To be exact, at the Starbucks. Christmas deco was everywhere and I couldn't help taking selfie(s) one or two.

I did go home for Maghrib, though. And for dinner, of course, only to go back to the vey same Starbucks before Isyak coz my sister wanted to buy me coffee. Not that I took coffee anyways, for fear of sleepless night. I took instead some marvellous orange juice, which I love just as much the coffee. We had a good time, really.

Funny, though coz she never appeared…

Lady Drivers, Handbags & Traffic Light

Assalamu'alaikum. It's official that lady drivers have been targeted for their handbags, designer or not and the crime scenes are most of the times at the traffic lights. And sadly, in almost all occasions the criminals are men on motorbikes. Men who are supposed to protect women in the first place, have somewhat gone way astray and made women their easy preys. Shame on them! 
Even though many women seem not to learn their lessons not to put their handags at the passenger's seat, loads of us have at least become more careful by placing our handbags underneath of it. Like my best friend, for example, who had just been a victim of such random attack at the traffic light. The criminals must have assumed that she had placed her handbag on the floor mat at the passenger's side, which wasn't true for she had actually placed it underneath the seat. Once the window screen was smashed, the criminal who was sitting at the back leaned toward the door and thrusted his heavily g…

Just Another Day At The Office

Assalamu'alaikum. It's weekend already and here I am posting an entry for Thursday. Reason being: hectic schedule running here and there, to and from the office. In  between  appointments I managed to snap about two to three selfies in my room and not even one full attire picture taken whatsoever. I would love to do an OOTD post wearing this outfit some time soonest, honoring my friend who had chosen the dark olive businesslike abaya for me in her recent trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I am super in love with it, really. But yeah, gotta make time for it somehow. Can't write much now, dearest. You take care and have a wonderful weekend! 

Thanks for dropping by, much appreciated. Till then, Assalamu'alaikum.
- Nai at Tak Pe Je.

WW - A Broken Precious Mug

Heart broken.

- Nai at  Tak Pe Je

A Quick Post About Nothing Much

Assalamu'alaikum. It's 2nd day of the week and I started off Monday with black abaya, which normally means it's gonna be an abaya week. Most probably, but you never know what future holds. Office was very hectic yesterday and we didn't even get to have any Monday blues whatsoever. To a point that I myself was around to set things in accordance with some priorities. Otherwise most things would have been put to hold, which I couldn't afford to allow. And yeah. I'm writing this post before starting off today's agenda, sort of alienating myself a bit from serious expressions. 

I can't write much, though. Just a quickie, that is. You have a great day ahead and do take care. Till next entry, Assalamu'alaikum.
- Nai at Tak Pe Je.