Stupid Plastic Gun at Heathrow London

Assalamu'alaikum. Hamleys is one of the largest toy shops in Europe, alright. And among others, it sells various types of plastic guns including this brand called Nerf. And being a Nerf collector, my son was allowed to pick one of his liking. We actually had been carrying it in our hand luggage in different connecting flights from 3 different countries and nobody got offended by the plastic gun. 

Until the very last day, in our connecting flight from Paris to London on the way home. Apparently the customs officers there practically shook their heads in utter disbelief that we actually carried a gun! And one of them was so seriously troubled and took all the troubles to give me a lecture. He was like, 'In my opinion, I personally don't want to raise my children to carry guns. It's not a good environment in the first place'. I was like, What? Well, in my country nobody gets scared to see a boy holding a plastic gun, so I never have seen it as any problem whatsoever. And mind you, so much so that it's not a good environment to raise your children with, Hamleys is actually located in the heart of London - obviously with the approval of the British government.

I mean, C'mon...!!!

My son broke down to immediate tears knowing that 'not that they didn't wanna let it go through, but it's the government policy and hence they had to throw it into a bin' - matter-of-factly. Guess what, until the last moment I didn't get to see the extremely terrorist like gun did even get into any bin. What really got to me was the expression they wore in their face. Not to mention that my friend's hand luggage was given this thorough inspection right into the very panties and bras and my! the upset that they got for not finding any other terrorist like stuffs other than the stupid plastic gun!

I mean, don't you get it? I'm showing off a picture of the exactly the same gun here, hand's up and nobody move! Gimme a break!! They really showed very insanely moving emotion, really after seeing a little boy openly cried and still couldn't actually give some humane discretional exemption. At least you know, ask us to wrap it nicely with some mufflers or winter coats and let the world become a better place to live. Well, it's the treatment that hurt the most. Other than seeing Junior cried for some 45 minutes. 

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. siannye ank akk semangt dh dia dpt barang yg di hajati...last2 jdi mcm tu plak!

    1. Ye la deq.. Sebesar2 kedai tu dia berkenan satu je. Dah jd gitu..

  2. Kesian anak Nai, tak pe nanti pergi Thailand bawak balik satu. Alongpun sama, suka benda2 macam tu.

    1. Tunggu masa pegi Toys R Us ni kakak.. Kesian dia tu..

  3. adesss tak logik pulak lah kadang2 depa ni.....sian kt junior....hisshhhh


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