Five Minutes Too Late, Florence... Roma Termini Blues

Assalamu'alaikum. So I lost my purse, but life must go on. Keep smiling. Keep shining. Even if we missed our train to Florence the following day! Yeah, we were like less than 5 minutes late but still late nonetheless. What we did was get the next train to Pisa instead for we had already bought online return tickets from Rome-Florence-Pisa-Rome months before our Europe tour. Since we had about two hours before departure, we went to Trevi Fountain after snapping pictures at the nearest fountain (Naiad Fountain) from Roma Termini. 

Naiad Fountain, Cute Vespa and I.

Trevi Fountain, taken from wikipedia.

Taken from our camera. But of course..! 

They said we should throw coins into the water so that we would come back to Rome someday. Not that I believed any of it but heck, I didn't want that to happen so I didn't throw a dime! (The scar of losing my purse, remember?) 

Then we waited for our train to Pisa at the Termini afterwards. Oh, ya! We had walked to a halal Pizza resto nearby the Termini beforehand. In case you don't know, we Malays eat pizzas with bare hands so please excuse my oily right hand. ^_^

I wouldn't have had any smiles on my face had I travelled alone with no hard cash, mind you. So I had my family friend and of course dearest husband to thank for loads of things. And I still could transfer online some money into their accounts and use their debit cards to buy anything I wanted. So, I had no right not to be thankful to Allah in any way whatsoever. But yeah, I couldn't spend as much as I could have, not that I had much anyways! ^_^ 

And I had Junior after all.. Who had been crying so hard because of the misfortune that happened to his mummy. Pity mummy, ke kept saying. That had warmed my heart..

That I had the reasons to keep smiling. 

And even laughing...

It's how we view things that matters, dearest. Let's not dwell on what we don't have but rather on what we do instead. In the end, it's all about deeper happiness. With that, I sign off. You take care and see you when I see you, if I ever see you. Farewell and Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. dah fuluss takde tgok je la ek org shopping ;p btul2 oily ke pizza tu smpi beminyak jari jemari tu ;)

    1. Seblom tu mkn ayam yg besor dan bminyok.. Ngeh3x. Tak senonoh,.

  2. gambar last tu suka sangat, happy beno nampaknya ye!

    1. Gambar last tu candid.. Mmg tgh bergelak ketawa.


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