Transitional Lense: It's Black. It's White. Na Na Na.

Assalamu'alaikum. It's much easier to wear a pair of glasses with transitional lense, as you can see in the following two pictures. It's like two in one, so to speak. In a normal room temperature the lense serves its purpose well and the same goes when your eyes need some comfort in an outdoor temperature. Saves you loads of troubles from changing into your shades when the need arises, right? But of course when the sun shines ever so brightly in Asian countries you would still in dire need of a pair of oversized sunglasses. At least to me, that is. Otherwise, less is more. Stick to that.

I guess I should opt for this kinda lense more often from now on. And if you too have the same preference, how about giving it a try? You won't regret it, I promise. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend and thanks for dropping by. Take care all. Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. Nai TPJ, if dah cun pakai apapun cun jer.. Admired your muslimah dressing...

    1. ^_^ ni nak kena melanja ni.. Heheh. Tqvm kakak..


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