Souvenir Paradise In Bayswater, London

Assalamu'alaikum. Here's a tip to share with you guys who will visit London some time in near future. Yeah, most first timers would end up buying souvenirs at Oxford Street, of course at some expensive price. Well, from now on do dismount at Queensbay Station and head for Bayswater across the street, shop number 88 to be exact. Look for a Muslim named Shafeek and say hi for me. ;) You won't miss this shop for it's very near from a halal dining restaurant in the street. A definite shopping spree there, I promise and Shafeek would be nice enough to give you buddy buddy price, not to mention a tax free refund or VAT slip.

Loads of Malaysians flock into this shop, especially during winter - a long school holiday for us. Some would be thrilled to exchange smiles or small talks and others just choose not to even have any eye contacts with you whatsoever. They most probably have quite a bad day or run down by the weather, who knows? But as for me, I'd rather choose to smile and create a friendly environment everywhere I may go. 

Anyhow, do be very picky at choosing T-shirts there for you might regret the poor qualities of the facrics used. Please don't hesitate to touch and feel the shirts first, but of course that means a liitle bit more expensive. Either way, everything is considered expensive looking at the huge currency difference in the first place, so it's better worth paying. May be you should look for something like this, for example: 

I wish I had bought that kind for my siblings rather than some poor downrated cottons. Lessons learned in a hard way, but please don't do the same mistake like I did, ya? Thanks anyway for dropping by, much appreciated. Do take care and I see you when I see you. If I ever see you. Till then, Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. As salam Nai,

    Klau jln2 oversea mmg xdigalakkan membandingkan matawang mmg tak terbeli apa2 dibuatnye kan... hihihi... byk ke shopping???

    1. Wsalam Marya. Bukan stakat tak beli apa2, silap aribulan makan minum pon tak sanggup. Hahha. Jadi, x yah sibuk2 nak convert dlm otak..

  2. Replies
    1. Kaaan? Tapi xpe.. Kita beli takde la byk pon..

  3. FM cantik2 kan kt blakang tu. Bleh jd sakan membeli.
    Kalau jln negara2 camni jgn la convert2 sgt kang keras x beli apa2 plak


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