Paris, French Lesson and A Walk To Remember

Assalamu'alaikum. So I was in Paris for 3 days and had the chance to meet a fellow blogger and instagramer, Shay there. It was like a dream, really. She walked us to the nearest cafe for a nice cup of coffee and we didn't have trouble at all finding the right way as it would have been otherwise without her. Born and raised in Paris, this Moroccan by blood is a babe in every possible way. Despite the wide apart age difference, we clicked in no time at all. That's what fellow bloggers are meant to be, don't you think? We have in fact connected long before we actually meet in person, you know that kinda obvious fact. 

She then walked me to the nearest Zara and H&M and helped me choose a pullover and a brown PVC jacket. Well, sometimes you just need another girl to nod to your preference, right? (Ehemm!). And if you look closely, she too was wearing a PVC jacket underneath the cardigan. Anyways, time flew so fast and we didn't have much time to spend for she needed to run and so did we. We snapped some pictures and bid farewell with high hope to meet again some day, Insya Allah.

I really need to learn a few more French than the very basic words that I know. It would be nice to get to order in French for meals, right? Meantime, I have a walk to remember dearly..

Thanks for dropping by after quite a long silence here. Till next time, Aur Revoir..! Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. best nye dpt jumpa ye...jauhhhhh akk bejalan syookkk ;)

    1. Lagi tambah syiok bila dpt jumpa kawan yg selama ni jumpa online je.. Mcm awak jugak la.. Bila jumpa esok2 mesti akak rasa syiok gilos.. !

  2. Thats good Nai, boleh jumpa member2 yg dulunya virtual...


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