Big Bad Wolf 2013 - Wee Hour's Madness in MIECC

Assalamu'alaikum. Good morning dear friends, hope you've had a great weekend. Let's brace Monday without the slightest blues whatsoever, shall we? I'm writing this while waiting for Fajar Prayer for I won't guarantee not to miss it if I go back to sleep now. Anyways, the biggest book sale by the name of The Big Bad Wolf is over now, much dismay to many and relief to others. Total madness it was, really. Opened 24 hours from 6th - 15th December, you could actually sleep eat pray there if you chose to. 

It has somehow become a place to see and be seen, a social event to be exact. But anyhow, I'd love to take it positively for at least more and more people are interested in books. Even if some might just have the urge to buy for the sake of buying at totally good bargain, so be it. Some even confessed that they only 'buy books once a year' but at least they do actually buy, right? Whether they read those books or not is none of our business, right? ^_^

I went there with my brother Apih and sister Ida and yeah, my son Ajieq, who even after midnight was recorded to be repeatedly saying he wasn't sleepy and wanted to follow us. Never mind, it's a school holiday anyways. It had been a hectic and tiring Friday and I was still there at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) right until 3 a.m! It would have been longer, actually but since we had a kid with us and I was too tired and old for such madness, we went home to catch some sleep. Here's a picture of some of the catches that wee hour:

I would however grab cooking books after this, Insya Allah so God Bless Kuala Lumpur! Yeah, thanks for dropping by. Do take care and I'll see you when I see you, love. Till then, Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at  Tak Pe Je.


  1. Salam. Saya daripada Zalora Malaysia ingin berhubung dengan anda. Boleh kah anda berkongsi emel anda bersama kami?

  2. best ke ka? jauh plak nk gi ramai kta best discount giler2


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