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Floral Print Hijab ~ English Mode ON

Salam. Here's my 1st floral print hijab... Not bad at all, right?

Now that I'm approaching 40's in a few more years, I'm very much into floral themes. Hence, English mode has now been officially turned ON.  ^_^ Even found myself arranging flowers in vase and mom was amazed! The closest I've got to flowers was drying them in albums each time I got a bouquet from anybody or somebody, for that matter back then. And now, I've got this urge to grow plants and flowers ~ GARDENING, darlings!
But come to think of it, I've got a number of similar prints for my kurungs, especially from China and Italian Silk materials. But hijab, this was The First One. And I loved what I saw. Hope you do too.
That's all. Thanks for coming, dear readers, appreciate it very much. Catch you later. Bye for now. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Drum-Rolls to The Drummer: Re-post

Salam. This is a re-post, since I accidentally deleted the previous one. Check out this hilariously passionate drummer, folks!

And apparently this guy has always been special since his hair was still all-blacks.

His passion for music is so obvious, it warms my heart. Yes, he sure makes me laugh hysterically each time I see his stunts, that my pancreas could burst. But I've gotta respect his way. Artists sometimes can't get hold of their emotions when they really breathe their ultimate passions. I think I can understand that. Bravo to this drummer. A big round of applause, drum-rolls to himself...!
Thanks for reading, guys. You take care and have a wonderful day! Bye for now. Much love, Nai @ TPJ.

Sacrifice or Be Sacrificed. Eid Mubarak...!

Salam. This Eid-ul-Adha I didn't have any new outfit. By choice. We were supposed to snap a family picture or two clad in the 'uniform' from my brother's recent wedding reception. But God must have had another plan, so it didn't happen. My heart was crashed for the second time. The first was Eid-ul-Fitr beforehand. I still haven't recovered from the fact that we didn't have a proper family picture in our Eid attires the first time EVER. That somehow has been a major issue for me, since I wasn't in the last Eid picture taken with my late dad. The last Eid picture taken with him. And I wasn't in it. Oh My God. So this kinda thing really saddens me a great deal. 

Anyways, life goes on. Let me just take it as one of my sacrifices this time around. Other than the picture thingy, the rest was superb. Alhamdulillah. I got to spend time both with my nuclear family and my in-laws, since the distance from Temerloh to Kuantan is only 2 hours' drive. The a…

A Little Brain-Loose Stooge

Salam. Remember my newly ran away maid? The first few days after she left, she kept sending my mom apologetic series of SMSes. Then 2 weeks afterwards she took a different turn and called my in-laws, asking if she could come back to work with me. She said how sorry she was and really wished to resume her position at my house.

I went berserk. Like, Hello? Who the heck she thinks she is? And who the heck she thinks I am? Not a single word to me. Apologies or otherwise. Nadaa. NONE. The apologies were made to my mom. And the request of coming back to work WITH me was made to my mom-in-law. Obviously she's from another planet. Last time I checked, her salaries had always been from my pocket. Mom said she must have been terrified of me. Well, if that was the case, she wouldn't have fled in the first place, right? And to make it more confusing, she wouldn't have dared to come back to a terrifying employer like me, right? So, that rules out mom's theory, I reckon.

The fact r…

In Person With Arwen of Aisyah Scarf

Salam. So, I finally met the owner of Aisyah Scarf, Aisyah Arwen. Gorgeous even without any make-up on.  

And just before I left her shop in Jalan Tuanku Abd Rahman, I overheard she spoke in a dialect I'm very fluent at. Apparently she's from a village nearby mine in Terengganu.  What a small, small world!
Do pay her place a visit. You would sure beg and bag for more... ^_^

The Potentially Ultimate Level Best

Salam. Hi there, folks! Gonna write in Malay here. English translation would follow beneath, in Italic. Here goes:-
Hari ni mak SMS dari kampung, pesan suruh jaga diri bebaik, buat keja rumah ala kadar udah ler, tak payah la beriya sangat. Nanti sakit takde sape nak tolong, katanya. Hehehe. Sabor je la haku. Itu la nye pon.. Aku buat apa2 mesti all-out, takde gitu2 aje, melepaskan batuk di tangga. Sehabis baik yang termampu dan apa adanya.
Mak tau sangat tu, that's why dia susah hati. Sebab aku dah lama kurang upaya, mana boleh buat keja berat guna fizikal sangat. Tu yang se'lousy' mana pon maid yang aku dapat, aku banyak bertolak-ansur dan tak demand tinggi2, janji ringankan beban keja sudah. Bab2 gosok baju, terutamanya, sebab yg tu paling guna banyak tenaga. Takat baju2 keja aku dan suami, aku basuh sendiri aje pon. Tak pe je pon. Tapi gosok baju, memang perlukan bantuan.
Itu dulu. Now semer dah ok, aku buat ikut jadual berkala dalam otak. Carta Organisasi Otak nama …

From KL to Singapore and Back

Salam. I seldom dream when I asleep. But a few nights ago I had a funny dream, in which I went biking with Junior. He was very heavy as miles went by and I apparently was almost out of breath. I couldn't seem to find a way to make a U-turn in the highway and after some time like an eternity I kept cycling until suddenly we reached Singapore. I was so tired and got rid of the bike and took a cab back to Kuala Lumpur, holding Junior's hand all the way. Next thing I knew someone was waking me up for Fajr Prayer. It was Junior's dad. I told him the dream. He laughed out loud, shaking his head. 
Well, I was still exhausted from the bike journey and couldn't understand why the heck that he laughed. And still wondered where and why on earth that I dumped the bike anyway? I only came back to my senses when the cold water hit my face for wudhu'. 
Oh, what a dream.. I must have been very tired this past few days at home. Bone tired that the exhaustion was transpired in my drea…

Maya Karin, Kingdom of Bhutan, Ahadiat Akashah & Korean Drama Series

Salam. Just now I semi-consciously clicked a preview/teaser/trailer of "Lagenda Budak Setan 2". Wow! They've got Maya Karin & Bront Palarae some more...! But still I can't bring myself to like Farid Kamil, why oh why? Never mind, though. Used to be the biggest fan of Ahadiat Akashah's novels, especially the trilogy of Lagenda Budak Setan. On that basis alone I'm gonna support this sequel. Plus, there are Maya & Bront AND they had some shots in one of my wish-list dream vacations, i.e. The Kingdom of Bhutan!
Fell in love with the magnificent view of the country via the internet, after reading about the handsome King (Asian Elvis) and stunningly beautiful Queen of Bhutan. Still remember one day I told Junior's daddy about Bhutan and he went like, "What?" "Boo What?" Aiyyyaaaa! So after this he'd at least re-consider, I hope.

On some other occasion, now that I've been crowned with fulltime housewife's tiara, I subs-cons…

One Rainy Monday & A Mummy Turned Into A Monster

Salam. Semalam (Isnin) Junior pagi2 dah kena marah dgn aku. Kopiah dia sebijik pon takde. Baru beli yg baru Jumaat lepas, itu pon dah lesap. Sepanjang aku duk lipat baju over the weekend takde pon nampak kopiah. Mesti dia pi campak mana2 hala pastu tak ingat letak kat mana. Memang terbaek dari ladang sawit la dia kena basuh, kan? Kena pulak aku nak cepat, lepas hantar dia gi skolah nak kena turun Ipoh, ada hal urgent. Lambat karang, sape nak ambik dia balik skolah? Laju je air mata dia menitik, mata kuyu pandang aku. Takde maknanya, aku dah jadi singa. Worse, terhegeh2 nak carik pencil case bagai. Malam tadi org suh tido awal, baik je dia layan Digimon. Tanya semer dah beres nak gi skolah, udah katanya. Saje aku nak tengok setakat mana udahnya. Haaa... Kan dah padan dgn muka aku!
Yesterday (Monday) Junior got me really mad very early in the morning. He apparently misplaced all his kopiahs, including the newly bought last Friday. Even I didn't see any throughout the weekend when I …

Yet Another Run-Away Maid

Salam. The Most Common Statement Malaysians Hate To Hear But Have Got Used To Anyways is:-


I didn't take it at heart this time. Not anymore. So they said Cambodian girls had lower statistics of run-away maids. But they never said NONE. But why oh why all of them need to do so after their permits have just been renewed?

Thank God I decided to actually make this one bore her own cost for the permit, may be due to so many stunts that she had been pulling up to the day she sneaked out of the house. For good this time. Her aunt, who's been staying in Perak for couple of years said she had sent an SMS the night earlier, saying she was gonna get married to a Malay guy. Yeah right. Smooth Operators. Like I care? For all I know she might be the one who's been comploting with the newbee. When probed, she said she couldn't be lying because it was Friday. OKAY... Ha Ha Ha. Thing is, the girl had been asking where Perak was since day 1 she coul…

I'm Thinking Of You Too ~ Nothing Else Matters

Salam. Hope you are all in the pink of health. Whether or not you love pink. *Wink.
There are times when we're missing someone so much it hurts. So much that even the person whom we're missing could feel it. And someone used to tell me that if you're missing a person when the rain falls, that person is missing you just the same. Owh, isn't that sweeeeeeeet, darling? So sweet that I badly wanna believe the crap. Like, it's ok. I love the way you lie. So, lie to me. Pleaseeeee. Ha Ha Ha.
But what makes sense is somewhat we call 'brain wave' and 'brain communication', for that matter. It's gotta do with the power of thoughts. You will it to happen. You badly want it to be known to whom it may concern. Concentrate like you never did before. Then the other person actually 'hears' it. Like, you want something so bad and you visualize it to happen, believe in it and of course you'll do whatever it takes to make it come true. The same goes wi…

Owh, Soooo Cute I'm Yours (Ukulele)

This boy really made my day...! Such a darling in every way.
He'd do great in no time at all. Style's there. Passion's there. Oh My God! He's so cute.
Major Crush. Big Laugh But Major Crush.

Hijabis & The Salons

Salam. So I had my hair cut today. 

I wish it had turned out as da bomb as Halle Berry's. Hurmm...
The first question when I entered the salon was, 'Any closed section for hijabis?' When the answer was to the affirmative, I dragged my feet inside. Once settled with the Halle Berry kinda style, I asked about hair color. 'Do your colors have Halal sign on them?' Again, when the answer was to the affirmative, I extended my intention further. Next, 'How long it's gonna take?' 45 minutes, she said. 'Can you have my hair cut first and I'll come back for the coloring after praying?' And of course the answer was yes, you guys. Customers are always right, remember? *wink.
And as usual, once I put my hijab on before going off, I've got this similar weird look from the hair-dresser. 'Why Oh Why you're ruining my hard work' look. If you know what I mean. So I laughed out loud and said, 'What a waste, ya?' She was caught off guar…

And The Stories Lingered...

Salam.  It's quite hard sometimes to just brush off any sad things people come to see me with.  Especially when it comes to women's affairs.  When they left, their stories lingered.  So much so that I had to brace myself not to cry.  I can't talk about them but I would share a poem I wrote after a particular woman closed the door at my office ever so softly.  It's in Malay, though.

Puisi Untuk Kekasih
Aku cuba mengosongkan sebahagian daripada ingatanku terhadapmu Lalu aku sedari, tak sedikit pun kutinggalkan untuk diriku sendiri Sebegitu kasihku padamu Hinggakan tiada lagi aku dalam diriku Hilang bersama jejak yang kau lemparkan di luar jendela Saat pintu itu kau kuak dengan kaki Dan kenangan itu kau buang dari hati Saat itulah aku bagimu telah lama mati
Tak mengapalah kekasih Hijau taman di seberang indahnya masih berkilau Sirnanya mana mungkin mampu kuatasi Dengan daun yang makin kering Dan pohon yang tinggal ranting
Saat waktu andai kau ingin kembali Telah kutinggalkan segugus kunci Di te…

Flair for Skirts ~ Updated

Salam. You know, when I was in primary school, mom and dad had always plotted together to coy me with skirts for good grades. Well, it worked. All the time. I treasured each and every skirt, even after the length became some sort of micro rather than mini. I would still fold them nicely in my small wardrobe, loving them dearly. So much so that I was into skirts, I didn't even have any pants whatsoever. It was so self-explanatory that my first ever jeans was in Primary 6, at the age of 12. Reason being I got my menstruation and started to wear hijab, which ruled out short skirts.
Throughout 5 years of secondary (religious boarding) school, I didn't get to dress up much other than for Eid (traditional) outfits. So when I got myself into a matriculation centre in Kuala Lumpur, I had the time of the world to be my own self. I bought my first long skirt from the 'Reject Shop' in Pertama Complex, which I loved so very much. And the rest was history.

Not that I don't love …

Almost But Not Quite A Turban

Salam. Well, you figured. LOL.

Almost, but not quite a turban. Getting there, nonetheless.. What more can I say. Gotta be nice to myself, right? *wink.

Have a great day, friends. Thanks for dropping by, love you for that. Until next time, Sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Square Voile Hijab Well Played

Salam. Sometimes it just gets to me that I've gotta make full use of my existing hijabs. You know, rather than keep buying new ones.

So today I took out my well-kept and almost unused pudding-like square voile hijab. I kinda love what I saw. 
Thanks for coming, dear friends. Until next time, Sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

And They Lived Happily Ever After. The End.

But wait! There's more...!
Salam. We've been spoon-fed with that line of finishing sentences at the end of all fairy tales. And last week I watched a documentary 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' on TV, where most Irish travelling girls have been planning their grand weddings at EIGHT years young! Like, one of the girls confessed how hard she'd been working and skipping social life, even staying away from cigarettes and beers just to have every penny saved for her big fat grand wedding. AND very heavy dress that weighed much more than she was. Expensive too, mind you. Nomads as they are, they would spend lavishly on their most celebrated and anticipated weddings. Like, their lives are deemed COMPLETE upon marriage.
In Malaysia, things might be slightly different, in the sense that girls don't go about saving every penny of their earnings JUST for their dream weddings. But, there are some who opt for personal loans to finance sort of remarkable weddings. So much for me…

Wedding & License To Dress Up

Salam. Yesterday was sure a weekend to dress up coz there was a wedding I had to attend. Really enjoyed the function, for two of our best family friends were around. The husbands must have prearranged it accordingly, since we seemed to arrive quite the same time.  Even the kids had a blast that they didn't even have time to bother us.

That sure gave us wonderful time to enjoy our meals and talked about nothing and everything.

The couple were still very young, would fly off to Egypt to resume their studies now that Summer Vacation was over. The fact that the reception was so wonderfully done showed us how much the family welcome the wedding. Quite alien to my upbringing.

I wish them all the best in their future undertakings, grow green and grey together beautifully in imaan. That their love would last for a lifetime and blossom right til the Jannah. Ameen. 
That's all for now, folks. Thanks for still being around, love you for that. Until next time, Sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ …