A Little Brain-Loose Stooge

Salam. Remember my newly ran away maid? The first few days after she left, she kept sending my mom apologetic series of SMSes. Then 2 weeks afterwards she took a different turn and called my in-laws, asking if she could come back to work with me. She said how sorry she was and really wished to resume her position at my house.

I went berserk. Like, Hello? Who the heck she thinks she is? And who the heck she thinks I am? Not a single word to me. Apologies or otherwise. Nadaa. NONE. The apologies were made to my mom. And the request of coming back to work WITH me was made to my mom-in-law. Obviously she's from another planet. Last time I checked, her salaries had always been from my pocket. Mom said she must have been terrified of me. Well, if that was the case, she wouldn't have fled in the first place, right? And to make it more confusing, she wouldn't have dared to come back to a terrifying employer like me, right? So, that rules out mom's theory, I reckon.

The fact remains, she must've been a total stooge. When my mom-in-law told me about her request this evening, my response was: "Screw her!" That's why the proverb says, Look Before You Leap. Then again, what to expect from such a stooge, right? Now that I'm 'sober' enough to revaluate things, I pity her for being so dumb. She must've realized now how hard to make a living out there, without any passport and permit in a foreign land and no money at all. Even if I might decide to help her, my husband would never, I repeat WOULD NEVER allow me to. Even if I beg. NOPE.

Well, let me just thank you all for reading. ^_^ Until next time, sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.


  1. Maid story ni like NEVER ENDING STORY lah.. huuhh.. tired..

    1. Agreed. Juz that this is my 1st case of requesting to come back to work. :)

  2. Never ever bring them back! They are creatures which do not know how to appreciate!

    1. Thousand Faced Peeps.. ;) The more they think they are needed, the more stunts they pull...

  3. Replies
    1. Betul Betul Betul.. Baik jangan.. Saper Suh Larik, kaaan?


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