Flair for Skirts ~ Updated

Salam. You know, when I was in primary school, mom and dad had always plotted together to coy me with skirts for good grades. Well, it worked. All the time. I treasured each and every skirt, even after the length became some sort of micro rather than mini. I would still fold them nicely in my small wardrobe, loving them dearly. So much so that I was into skirts, I didn't even have any pants whatsoever. It was so self-explanatory that my first ever jeans was in Primary 6, at the age of 12. Reason being I got my menstruation and started to wear hijab, which ruled out short skirts.

Throughout 5 years of secondary (religious boarding) school, I didn't get to dress up much other than for Eid (traditional) outfits. So when I got myself into a matriculation centre in Kuala Lumpur, I had the time of the world to be my own self. I bought my first long skirt from the 'Reject Shop' in Pertama Complex, which I loved so very much. And the rest was history.

Not that I don't love pants. I do. But nothing beats the feeling I've got for skirts. Like your first love that you can't get out of your system. Not even for a day without you thinking of it. Something like that.

So basically you can call me a skirts freak or something. *wink

**Would try to update this entry with a photo of the first ever lovely long skirt of mine soon. Gotta find it in an old album at mom's house.

Meantime, thanks for reading. Humbled me to the max.
Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.


As Promised...


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