I'm Thinking Of You Too ~ Nothing Else Matters

Salam. Hope you are all in the pink of health. Whether or not you love pink. *Wink.

There are times when we're missing someone so much it hurts. So much that even the person whom we're missing could feel it. And someone used to tell me that if you're missing a person when the rain falls, that person is missing you just the same. Owh, isn't that sweeeeeeeet, darling? So sweet that I badly wanna believe the crap. Like, it's ok. I love the way you lie. So, lie to me. Pleaseeeee. Ha Ha Ha.

But what makes sense is somewhat we call 'brain wave' and 'brain communication', for that matter. It's gotta do with the power of thoughts. You will it to happen. You badly want it to be known to whom it may concern. Concentrate like you never did before. Then the other person actually 'hears' it. Like, you want something so bad and you visualize it to happen, believe in it and of course you'll do whatever it takes to make it come true. The same goes with brain-to-brain communication via thoughts. At least that's how I understand the concept. You have better way of explaining this, perhaps?

I guess that's why people in love can sometimes just communicate through thoughts. Raining or not, that's besides the point. Or may be when it's raining or snowing, the feelings grow stronger ~ perhaps due to the lack of and the urge for warmth? Mere thought can actually warm your heart, may be? May be so. May be not.

May be this: When two hearts are somewhat attached to one another, nothing can separate you. Even distance. Let alone circumstances. Like, so close no matter how far, as Metallica said in 'Nothing Else Matters'. Those who have similar experience with this whole thing would definitely understand what I'm trying to say. Those who don't would just think I'm having some loose screw in my brain, which makes me 'brainless'. ^_^

Hurmm.. May be, just may be, would you rather give it a shot yourself? How about sending an SMS to your special someone, or long-lost love, saying:
"I am thinking of you, now that it's raining. Are you?"

^_^ Thanks for reading, love you for that. Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love,
Nai @ TPJ.

P/S: It's been raining when I started to write this. Yes, I'm thinking of you. And nothing else matters.


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