Maya Karin, Kingdom of Bhutan, Ahadiat Akashah & Korean Drama Series

Salam. Just now I semi-consciously clicked a preview/teaser/trailer of "Lagenda Budak Setan 2". Wow! They've got Maya Karin & Bront Palarae some more...! But still I can't bring myself to like Farid Kamil, why oh why? Never mind, though. Used to be the biggest fan of Ahadiat Akashah's novels, especially the trilogy of Lagenda Budak Setan. On that basis alone I'm gonna support this sequel. Plus, there are Maya & Bront AND they had some shots in one of my wish-list dream vacations, i.e. The Kingdom of Bhutan!

Fell in love with the magnificent view of the country via the internet, after reading about the handsome King (Asian Elvis) and stunningly beautiful Queen of Bhutan. Still remember one day I told Junior's daddy about Bhutan and he went like, "What?" "Boo What?" Aiyyyaaaa! So after this he'd at least re-consider, I hope.

On some other occasion, now that I've been crowned with fulltime housewife's tiara, I subs-consciously begin to sit on the sofa and watch Korean Drama series. Oh My Gucci?

Oh, yes.. Really desperate for a massage, ok.. Calling my masseuress now. Kak Kasuh.. Hello?

That's all, folks. Thanks for reading this crap. Love you all for that. Until next time, Sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Maya's a babe. Started to love her after "Waris Jari Hantu" but really think she shouldn't have played Izzah in Ombak Rindu. A village girl image? Nonsense. And Izzah didn't speak 'pelat' Malay, not from what I understood in the novel..!


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