Yet Another Run-Away Maid

Salam. The Most Common Statement Malaysians Hate To Hear But Have Got Used To Anyways is:-


I didn't take it at heart this time. Not anymore. So they said Cambodian girls had lower statistics of run-away maids. But they never said NONE. But why oh why all of them need to do so after their permits have just been renewed?

Thank God I decided to actually make this one bore her own cost for the permit, may be due to so many stunts that she had been pulling up to the day she sneaked out of the house. For good this time. Her aunt, who's been staying in Perak for couple of years said she had sent an SMS the night earlier, saying she was gonna get married to a Malay guy. Yeah right. Smooth Operators. Like I care? For all I know she might be the one who's been comploting with the newbee. When probed, she said she couldn't be lying because it was Friday. OKAY... Ha Ha Ha. Thing is, the girl had been asking where Perak was since day 1 she could speak Malay. It doesn't take a genius to figure where she might go. unless of course an aunt wouldn't get panicked if her niece actually went missing after sending an SMS to get married to a 'foreigner'..! She should've sounded dead surprised, adoiya...!

But seriously, I didn't know it's possible to cross over to Cambodia without a passport. It must be via Thai border. Oh, What The Heck! Better save my breath rather than worrying about her.

So I've been running the show single-handedly now. Officially working from home. The fact that she defined cleaning up as merely sweeping the floor and not even behind the furniture or under the sofa, I sure had my hands full...! Less than a week the house is becoming to look like a home now. Alhamdulillah. But oh yes, got a looooooong way to go before it gets gorgeous. Would be done before Eid-ul-Adha, Insya Allah.

Hurmm.. I could do some milk bath & Thai massage after the house is up to my personal standard. In fact now that it's half-way cooked, I could actually write this entry in the first place. Bliss.

Juma'ah Barakah everybody..! Thanks for reading. Until next time, Sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.


  1. Tak apa, no maid = more exercise :D good for your health hehehe

    1. Heheh. Yeah, dear.. Been hand-washing my own and hubby's clothes myself even when she was still around.. Cuma this time semua perlu diberesin.. Mandiri gitu. ;)


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