Floral Print Hijab ~ English Mode ON

Salam. Here's my 1st floral print hijab... Not bad at all, right?

Now that I'm approaching 40's in a few more years, I'm very much into floral themes.
Hence, English mode has now been officially turned ON.
Even found myself arranging flowers in vase and mom was amazed!
The closest I've got to flowers was drying them in albums each time I got a bouquet from anybody or somebody, for that matter back then.
And now, I've got this urge to grow plants and flowers ~ GARDENING, darlings!

But come to think of it, I've got a number of similar prints for my kurungs, especially from China and Italian Silk materials. But hijab, this was The First One.
And I loved what I saw. Hope you do too.

That's all. Thanks for coming, dear readers, appreciate it very much.
Catch you later. Bye for now.
Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.


  1. Cantik shawl...;-)
    Nai taknak buat bisnes shawl ke? Akak nk oder..:-)

    1. Terima kasih kakak.. Order jgn tak order... Hehehe. Nai pon dah lupa mana beli shawl nih.. Kalau buat bisnes, Nai yg duk beli & pakai sendiri..

  2. Pheewit! Kak.. Saya sokong! Buat bisnes lah jom! :) Customer dah ada..:)Model pun dah ada.. hahahaha..:)

  3. shawl cantik .... orgnya pun cantik

    klu buat bisnes shawl mesti laku sbb modelnya mmg cantik

    1. Owh.. U're so sweeeet! Heheh.. Sekali penuh rmh dgn shawl, tuannya yg duk menggayakan sebab tak terjual.. Hahaha.. Timbang kati lps tu jual kat member2, tak pon letak kat charity...!


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