Jesse & Celine: Before Sunrise, Sunset and Midnight.

Assalamu'alaikum. I must have been too busy in 2004 that I had missed a movie by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy called Before The Sunset. I watched it recently and cried my heart out and couldn't believe that it only lasted for 80 minutes, a bit too short for a good movie. Then I started to search in the internet about it and found out about Before Sunrise, which had been filmed back in 1995. And there's more to it, in 2013 came Before Midnight, a follow-up or status update of the love story between Jesse and Celine.

Before Sunrise

Before Sunset

Before Midnight

The beauty about this trilogy is that you are invited to watch a series of deep conversations between two people who had some great connection from the very 
beginning. Then you get to marvel at how much they actually longed for one another over the years of unfateful separation. You know, the what-if's situations. The should have's, the could have's. The unbearable questions that didn't get to be asked, let alone answered. That my friends, are seriously very true in our lives, especially Asians. 

I really feel obliged now to watch the 2013 sequel, Before Midnight even though I know the tears I'm gonna shed would be inevitable. It's the cruelest of all so far because it's now about some much more complicated adult issues. And because that's what a long-term relationship is all about, the ups and downs, the turbulence, the confusions, the difficult decision-makings, the falling out of love - the ugliest truths.

Above all, this trilogy is what most of us particularly look for in a relationship: companionship. Someone you can talk to about everything and nothing at all. Someone with whom you can have lighter and deeper conversations. Someone who is real even though not perfect. This special someone doesn't come in your life every other day, so if you happen to have found one, never let that person go. No matter what happens, try the damnest hard to make things better. That's what I can sum up from these three movies..

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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