Lady Drivers, Handbags & Traffic Light

Assalamu'alaikum. It's official that lady drivers have been targeted for their handbags, designer or not and the crime scenes are most of the times at the traffic lights. And sadly, in almost all occasions the criminals are men on motorbikes. Men who are supposed to protect women in the first place, have somewhat gone way astray and made women their easy preys. Shame on them! 

Even though many women seem not to learn their lessons not to put their handags at the passenger's seat, loads of us have at least become more careful by placing our handbags underneath of it. Like my best friend, for example, who had just been a victim of such random attack at the traffic light. The criminals must have assumed that she had placed her handbag on the floor mat at the passenger's side, which wasn't true for she had actually placed it underneath the seat. Once the window screen was smashed, the criminal who was sitting at the back leaned toward the door and thrusted his heavily gloved right hand randomly searching for a hndbag, laptop, anything at all. She screamed at the top of her lung but nobody heard her. Luckily she didn't panick and histerically punched the guy's hand while moving the car upward and backward, shaking the bike and the bikers in the process. That must have scared them and they fled the scene. Later at the workshop, the crime tool was found laying on the mat of the passenger's floor, which ironically had been tied with something appeared to be the belt of a woman's handbag. 

Above: The shattered glass. Below: The crime tool.

It could have been worse, really. And thank God it didn't.. Alhamdulillah. In fact this has just stengthened my belief that we should place our handbag at our own feet while driving, dear friends..! Better be extra careful next time around, ya? Gonna leave you with that. Thanks for dropping by, really appreciate it. Do take care. Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. uih..bahaya skrg ni...beria dia pecahkan cermin last2 dlm beg takde ape tu yg kta taknak belaku kn T__T

  2. kes biasa berlaku ni kan, tapi tak yah kata org len, aku sendiri pun kadang2 lupa daratan bila letak handbag


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