Shower Curtain For Closet Part 2

Assalamu'alaikum. HERE I was recorded to post on my organizing passion and recently HERE I remember sharing with you about my postponed DIY. So today I finally managed to go to the nearest DIY hardware and bag myself two expandable rods to complete the project that had to be temporarily postponed previously. The ones that without the supporting brackets must be put aside as of now until the need arises, that is. 

Here are my two closets aftermath: 

Now that the curtains are there, I don't have any problem whatsoever to wrap my handbags with dust bags. I just couldn't bear looking at the sight so plainly exposed, just couldn't! 


And his section has also been taken care of, but of course - so that the coats won't suffer that much anymore from unnecessary amount of dust. I might wanna however replace the shower curtains with some other fabrics and styles some time in the future, that I'm certain. But for now they look just fine and most importantly, organized. And value for money as well. The curtains I got at Aeon for MYR15.90 per piece, which I then cut into half to make two separate sides. The expandable rods I got at Mr. DIY for MYR7.90 each. For such low price I had made a huge difference to my bedroom closets. I mean, how awesome could that be? 

It might be nothing to you but it means the world to me to see the finished products. What a peace of mind, really. And for those who might find it useful, how about trying it yourselves? 

That's it for now. Thanks a bunch for keep coming back, love you all for that. Until next entry, do take care and see you when I see you. Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. oww... ingat kan langsir tingkap ;) rupanya langsir lemari nice!

  2. pertama mata tak semak bila semua brg telah ada curtain sebegitu
    kedua barang2 kurang dihinggapi habuk
    ketiga senang nak capai dan ambil brg2 tu bila nak pakai
    keempat senang mata nak nampak apa yang ada utk kita pakai

    1. Betul. Kesemua di atas. ;) tambah sket: Hati jadik tenang dan gumbira.

  3. idea menarik ni !! pintu almari saya kebetulan rosak..baik DIY macam ni, nampak kemas sikit :)


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