One Convo, One Wedding & No GPS

Yesterday was a packed Saturday for me. Earlier on was my brother's convocation at Sunway Putra Palace Hotel (formerly known as The Legend, KL). The ballroom was filled with lots of Chinese and some Indians and we were among the few Malays around. We were so proud of the grad brother, after such a hard work and difficult route that he had to take to get there. Really glad to see him smile after so many years of pain and suffering.

The university management was kind enough to prepare loads of delicious refreshments. Mom said, it was all deserving due to its expensive school fees. Had to agree for once. But then again, still much cheaper compared to the fees in the London Campus. Anyhow, congrats to him for doing a great job there in the University of Greenwich. He graduated with 2nd Class Upper in Degree of Accountancy and would complete his LCCA ACCA soon. No wonder he was all smiles and I was a proud sister...

I drove home and my sister volunteered to be at the wheel to Kuala Selangor, but she insisted to go pick her GPS at her place. Thing is, I'm hopeless with GPS, have given up long ago. Not saying it's not good, just not working much with me. Distracting me in so many ways, especially when the woman's voice kept asking me to slow down, watch my speed, and re-routing the maps each time I took a different turn. My sister relented at last, after her GPS kept asking her to use different highway as opposed to my directions toward LATAR. And we arrived in an hour or so. Not bad for the first timers, eh?

The bride had already changed into casual kurung. But luckily there was still enough food for us. Alhamdulillah. What mattered the most was that we actually took all the efforts to get there and Allah had smoothed the way for us, due to the noble intention, perhaps.. 

That's all, thanks for reading. Until next time, sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.


  1. One hectic day! Congratulations to ur brother and the pengantin!

    1. Yep, it sure was.. Sampai je rumah pengsan, bangun balik 11pm. Pastu mula ler terkelip2 sampai 2.30am..! Hahah..

  2. haha~ thanks for coming and for the photo-shoot sponsors..:P

    i didn't know u guys went for delicious refreshments.

    neway, i will be pursuing ACCA la, not LCCA..hehe~

    k, cau.

    1. Ouch, my mistake.. ACCA ye.. Sibbaik tak taip LCCT.. Hahahaha. Yeah, u missed the refreshment, bro..!


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