Bayt al Rihla, A Home All Away From Home

Salam. Andalucia has been in my heart and soul for time immemorial. When I had the chance to actually be there in person last year, I just couldn't believe it. But I'm not gonna blog about it here, though. Not just yet, coz there was a very fateful event that I'm still trying to recover from. Let us begin with the sweet memories that worth sharing, shall we? Look at the scenery, Masya Allah.. Subhanallah... Alhamdulillah... La ilaha Illa Allah... Allahu Akbar! I almost choked when I set my foot at Bayt al Rihla, especially at the balcony where we were welcome with such a majestic view.    

I could spend the whole day just watching the skies, the mountain, the trees... and doing nothing at all. But of course I didn't.. it was a freezing winter, for God's sake..! ^_^ Ever so romantic person, I felt like writing a scene of my long due novel based on the background. Plus, it doesn't take a romantic or genius to actually appreciate such a splendid venue and view.

The kids did a great job of tumbling down the whole house. And we the adults did quite an average job of damage control afterwards. *sigh.
But even looking at the pictures of them could bring wide smile and big laugh to myself. So cute and adorable, all of them. Junior had the most wonderful time of having siblings around, that he didn't bother me much except when he was hungry or sleepy. 

We had the sweetest time there, despite the freezing cold weather. I had a few days of knowing someone there, we got very close like a father and daughter would. He was my friend's father, who had been looking forward to being there all his life. He told me a lot of things, his memories, his hopes, his favorites.. and I was all ears. He asked aspirins, cough syrup and balm whenever he felt bitter. And he even asked me to make him drinks, give him bread or cook him dinner, to which I was happily obliged.

And a few days later he passed away. I just couldn't take it. It's almost a year since he's gone. I still have heartache each time I remember... and I just can't forget. When I'm ready, I'll do more entries about our bitter-sweet memories there. I don't write when I'm too sad....

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Until next time, sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.


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