Happily Alive

Salam. People keep asking me what am I so happy about. I'm alive, I said. That's why.
So, if there's no other reason for you to be happy, at least don't forget the fact that you're still breathing today. You might lose one eye, be glad there's another one. I remember the moment I lost vision of my left eye and never once that I mourned it. I've always been so glad for the good right eye. Thankful that Allah has given me a pair of eyes, so when one is taken away, there's another one. Thankful that Allah has loaned me eye-sight to begin with. That when He Decided to take away half of the loan, I was embarrass to even complain.   

I read a book by Dr. Aaidh Ibn Abdullah al-Qarni, Don't Be Sad a few years ago.
Then I knew I was going in the right direction. Especially when he shared about the story of a pious man who had lost one of his fingers but never seemed to notice or mind about it due to his gratitude for other fingers. So I got myself a driving license and braved the world of own driving. I scratched the left side of the car so many times due to my limitation, but that didn't stop me from living my dreams.

And people keep saying how different I look now, that I used to look much better before I got sick.
Yes, they are right. But I'm not wrong. I'm okay with everything that happened to me. I'm okay with all the bitter-sweet paths that Allah Has made me walked. All those have made me who I am  today. Allah Has the Power to even cleanse one's blood, replace it with a whole pine of purified fresh blood.

And may be, just may be, that's why I've been given back my lost vision. I might have passed the test, I guess. Alhamdulillah. And I can't be more thankful. Allah Has Given me more than I've ever asked for. Another reason to be happy, for sure.

Life is a journey full of colorful ups and downs. Cherish each and every one of them wholeheartedly.
Why choose to be sad when you have reason(s) to be happy?
If you can't find one, at least let it be ALIVE. 
Let's be happy to be alive, shall we?


Bye for now, Assalamu'alaikum. 


  1. Betul tu nai...bersyukur kita sebaik saja bangun di pagi hari sbb kita tak tahu bila kita akan dijemput Nya dan bila akan terhenti nya amalan kita di dunia...aduhaii msh belum cukup amalan akak ni andai masa itu datang sekarang... :(
    Harap nai tetap ceria dan sihat ya... Luv u sis..

    1. I luv u too, sis.. :) ye la, x tau bila masa tu akan tiba. Let's be happily alive...!

  2. sbb tu sy suka luahkan syg pd org sekeliling yg sy sayangi.
    .sbb sy takut 'masa itu' tiba2 dtg..
    takut bila memikirkan..
    namun itulah hakikat sebuah kehidupan..

    1. I selalu ckp kat org2 yg i sayangi: Don't Think Too Much. Just Do It. ^_^

  3. masya Allah.....syukur masih lagi bleh sedut oksigen dan sekali sekala karbon dioksida kan....kdg2 gas2 len pun kita sedut, tapi masih lagi bernafas......kalau kita rasa kekurangan, ramai lagi yang kurang dari kita, syukur atas segala kurniaan dariNya....selagi masih lagi bernafas, jadilah khalifah yang terbaik!

    1. Betul, elly.. Siput sedut pon kita bleh sedut... Apatah lagi gas...! Hehehe.. Khalifah, yep.. Itu la peranan kita di sini..


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