Life Is A Series of Jigsaw Puzzles

Salam. Have you ever felt tired of this life? Heck yes.. coz we are all humans.

But that's how life goes. On and on. Let's take 5 and have a break or two. Then on we go again. For all we know, by today the pain doesn't feel as hurt as yesterday. Come tomorrow, we'd have better things to worry, if we might.

There are times we just can't figure things out. Just like a box of jigsaw puzzles, one tiny little piece seems to be missing someplace when the rest of its siblings have made a wonderful picture. All but ONE. The picture is so beautiful but is not yet PERFECT. Why don't we chill out a bit and let it be.. give our own shoulders a good pat. What a great job we've done there, wow! 
When we don't really think of the flaw, sometimes we would find the missing piece with a smile on our face. If it's not now, it might be later. 

Be nice to ourselves. We deserve all love care and tenderness from our own selves THE MOST. 
Because we are just WORTH it.

Take care.


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