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Salam. Juz got a few pashmina shawls from Middle-East. Wore one of them to the office yesterday. The material is so silky-soft and I fell in love with it at the first touch.

Which was a bliss, the weather being too hot to handle. It rained about 6 in the evening, which explained the extreme heat. Either way, the silky shawl was a darling to me. The tense around a bulk of workloads was apparently too much already. Comfy outfits did help.
One way or another. 


  1. i love pashmina.sbb senang nak belit :D
    dan pakai gitu pun ok.

    love it! lawa sgt pashamina awk ni.

    1. Kita pon sgt suka pashmina.. Dulu tak ramai org pakai.. Now berlambak2.. :) best especially dlm ekon..

  2. i hate dealing with pashmina (sebenarnya sebab tak reti pakai hahahhahahah)

    1. Renyah sket.. Kalu in a rush, better opt for something much easier..


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