Black Is Captivating

Salam. Today I went to the office after M.I.A for almost a month. It felt good.
So good that I couldn't stop smiling. Working from home was okay but being physically present at my workstation brought different kind of feelings, one way or another.

This picture was taken in my prayer room, didn't realize how much I missed the place.
It's where I've been resting and doing a lot of personal calls to whomever it may concern.

And I made a point of having a brunch with one of my previous attachment students beforehand.
I won't be at the airport when he takes his flight back to Al-Azhar University next week, so brunch was a good farewell time.

And it felt so good to be home afterwards, knowing fully well everything would be in order. 
That I had already made sure everything would be just fine.
But I won't be cooking tonight, nope. Already asked my sister-in-law to pack some Nasi Kukus
(Steamed Rice) for our dinner.

That explained my all-blacks outfit today. In-charge mode was ON.

Bye for now. 


  1. Hola Nai,

    I love black dress as it's always hide all my 'spare tyre' hahahaha :D

    1. Hahah.. Very true. Always love black myself, yep.. Have always had.

  2. hitam mmg selamat keadaan..
    love hitam jugak :D

    1. Kira macam Kelab Pencinta Warna Hitam le, kaaaan? ;)


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