Medina al Zahra, History and Future

Salam. Things are meant to stay for some reason. Some have been preserved by Allah swt as reminder and evidence of an existence, so that lessons are learned by later generations. That's what history is all about. Medina al Zahra is no exception. It is still there, as a what used to be the earliest modern and civilized city in Spain. Of an Islamic Kingdom in Cordoba.

The kingdom fell apart due to disunity among the Muslim tribes and now it serves as a place must-seen in Spain for public at large. But for those who want to learn, open their eyes and minds and hearts, they would dive deeper to the essence of it. Allah must have had His own Agenda, obviously for so many hearts have opened to Islam and said syahadah at the remains of the once upon enormous Islamic city itself.

The Holy Qur'an says in Chapter 14 (Ibrahim) verse 19 - 20:

Do you not see that Allah created the heavens and earth in Truth? Were He to will, He could take you away and bring new creation. That is not at all difficult to Allah.

And In Chapter 9 (Taubah) verse 39:

And if you turn away, He will exchange you for some other people and they will not be your likes.

Since the alleged 9/11 attack, Islam has intrigued a remarkable number of followers around the globe. At the same time, existing Muslims are lacked in values and many even renounced faith whether officially or not. Reverts are more appreciative than those who are, or were born Muslims. Verily the Qur'an never lies. And no wonder the prophet himself was so worried of his ummah that he kept mentioning them at his last breath.

May Allah save us all. Ameen. 


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