In The Name of Love, Everlasting Love.

Salam. For the past few days I had been resting at mom's place with Junior. I hadn't been feeling very well since last week actually, must be the weather. But since I'd promised Junior to spend some time at kampung, I dragged my feet to drive all away to Temerloh. I asked Junior to tell mom over the phone that we were coming when I stopped at the nearest petrol pump, about 11.30 a.m. Then hardly 1.00 pm I was already hugging mom, who had been preparing lunch. 

I fell so sick at mom's, pity her. But thank God it happened there, so that someone would be looking after Junior now that I was down. I had the best rest since the past 2 months, I guess. Junior for once listed down some special menu request from his granny, to which mom was happily obliged. He was having the time of his life, favorite foods and whole bunch of best buddies around. 

And this evening I drove back to KL, feeling much, much better. It had been raining all away but thank God everything went smoothly, Alhamdulillah. It took me almost 2 hours due to the rain, which of course caused quite heavy traffic, as usual. Other than that, it was such a blessing. I really enjoyed the scenery, from a lover's eyes, smiling at my son who had been sleeping throughout the journey, just like the drive from KL to the village. So much for accompanying me!

I wore mom's voile square hijab that I found when looking for a towel in her wardrobe. Just to feel near her, actually. Still couldn't get over the feeling when she kissed and hugged me so tight the moment I met her in the kitchen days earlier. Still couldn't forget the way she said "Sampai, ya?Cepatnya. Pandai anak mak bawak kereta..!".. I was still her little girl, even though I brought home a little boy of my own.

That's what a mom is for... Junior has me. And I have mom.
That kind of love is something you can't buy.
And it's gonna last ever after.
It's called an 'Everlasting Love'.

Thanks for reading. Bye for now. Take care. Much love, Nai @ TPJ. 


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