Mezquita de Cordoba, My Heart Will Go On

Salam. No sane Muslims wouldn't feel a sharp pain in the deepest soul when they set foot in the Mezquita  de Cordoba. Now even though still called mezquita for Mosque, it is the largest and the greatest church alive. When Muslims invaded Spain, they purchased a building from the Christians to make a mosque and let them have their existing church for their own use as it had always been beforehand. But when the Islamic Kingdom was defeated, no amount of tolerance shown to the Muslims. Not only the mosque was taken by force, not even a single amount of religious practice was allowed among the Muslims. The only reason Islam still survived until today was the Muslims would inherit the religion to their predecessors successors by teaching them syahadah secretly at their death beds. 

Now Christians are free to say their prayers at the Cathedral but no way a Muslim would be allowed to conduct theirs. Very understandable, in a sense, yeah.. for it used to be a mosque, but not anymore. As our friend there said, it's better not to stir or trigger any provocation, coz it would be easier for the local Muslims to keep living as ones in Spain.
It was heart-wrenching, of course. But at least now Muslims are free to pray and practice their religion elsewhere other than the Great Mezquita. Even though way modest as compared to the masterpiece, we did pray at a nearby mezquita with such mixed feelings.

Alhamdulillah, Islam in Spain has been much easier nowadays. Then Muslims were even forced to go out Sundays in total nudity, drink liquor and eat pork under close scrutiny of the authorities. And even if they did all that, they would still be tormented if their faces were still evident of wudhu'.. to that extent. Coz then taking bath wasn't something very popular, so Muslims were easily spotted, especially the practicing ones.

There will be time when Islam will shine again. That's Allah's promise.
But it won't happen in near future if the Muslims keep fighting against one another.
Or if the Muslims keep deviating from the right path of the religion.
Let's pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine and all over the world.


  1. Hi,interesting page, beautiful photos and I thank you for it.
    For the start, id like to emphasise that I sincerely hope under the current Pope, who seems to be a force for good and reconciliation, reaching out to other Christian streams and Muslims alike, I hope that soon you get your wish and can pray in this wonderful achievement of Muslim architecture again.

    I would however like to point out to you that the practice of tolerance has been extended both ways. Christians might feel the same way about the Aya Sophia in Istanbul,once the greatest Cathedral of Christendom, forcefully taken and converted to a Mosque.

    Lets hope that religion starts to bring people together and fosters understanding and tolerance towards those who have others beliefs.

    Peace be with you.

    1. Hi. Thanks for coming n leaving your comment. A constructive one, I might add. Let's promote respects loves and affections to the whole world... Ameen.


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