Getting Friendly With Elephant In Krabi

Assalamu'alaikum. Apart from island hoppings, Krabi offers other nature attraction, namely elephant trekking and some packages would even include kayaking or rafting in the reserved forest. We were supposed to join a package that offered elephant trekking as well as bathing. Yes, bathing in the sense that you'd get wet together with the mammoth while crossing the rivers! But yeah, it had to be cancelled last minute for the package was soon discovered by the tourist information counter to be fully booked and would only be available at noon. We had to drive back to KL by then, so we requested for a brief walk instead and hence, got a refund for the surplus. 

It wasn't too long a ride to the reserved resort from our hotel, Sri Suksant and I was impressed with what welcome us there, especially the little cottage you see above. Really intriguing that I couldn't resist to have a picture snapped with the same as the background. I was actually wearing a nice pair of baggy pants newly bought in Krabi but I somehow appeared as though wearing skirts, but yeah, not quite bad either.

The elephant walked ever so slowly that I felt rather sleepy, in fact but half the way back things were more hyped when the trainers took the charge by hitting the logs to make loud sounds of gathering all elephants together at one meeting point. Then we could see how the elephants went half running, still slow but running nonetheless. That's when the trainers went down and take pictures of the tourists from the ground.

I was a bit concerned of the idea that the elephants were actually forced to routine the rides, but from my observation the trainers were all giving them their own sweet time when to move, stop or something in between. And they ate a lot along the way, which soothed my feelings somehow or rather. Other than that, I did enjoy the new experience. Alhamdulillah.

They apparently loved to walk in a group..

And before we left, my boy took his time to feed the elephants with guess what? Cucumbers, dearest! 

I thought they only love bamboos.. Errr.. I meant to say sugarcanes! LOL.

But I was wrong. Hurmmm...

It was a good exposure for Junior and us the adults as well. Even Bibik had a blast! Definitely an activity not to be missed if you happen to be in Krabi soon, ya..!

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. gajah pun nk jga kulit hahahah tu yg dia makan timun...bpa kna bayar naik gajah ni kak?

    1. Heheh. May be so..
      Aritu amik pakej, dlm RM300 lebih kurang 3 dewasa 1 kanak-kanak..

  2. Lps monyet...gajah plak
    Naik gajah once


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